Written by Daftrucker

8 Oct 2018

Those that follow these stories about Ann and I will know my wife just loves cock, if it’s hard and available she wants it.

Owing to an accident at work I am currently off work and using crutches, plastered heavily so completely unable to play. I spend most days sat doing nowt but recovering.. Ann has shown what a kind and caring woman she is and has looked after me well. Until last night when she proved to me just how mean she can be.. she brought a fuck buddy Home and made me watch, knowing full well I could do nothing and certainly couldn’t join in.

Ann had only been to the supermarket for some odd bits and pieces, and when she walked back into our house I was sat watching TV. She smiled and said” I am going to drive you mad today” I asked what she had in mind to which she smiled and told me she’d just bumped into one of her regular fuck buddies in the supermarket, they had been walking round together and he’d twice put his hand on her ass and squeezed it saying he wanted her there and then with an audience.

Ann loves an audience, especially if I am the audience or part of it. But this guy didn’t know that I knew of her fuck buddies.. Ann asked if he really really wanted to fuck her in front of someone, and she said judging by the bulge in his trousers the thought appealed a lot. So she gave him our address and told him to be here in 1 hour.

Ann hurriedly put the shopping away and then ran upstairs for a shower, she returned shortly after wearing only her knee high black leather boots, black lace top hold ups and a smile. I complimented her on how fucking sexy she looked and told her I’d love to fuck her right there and then if it wasn’t for all the plaster.. she laughed and said “ don’t you worry about it, I am about to be very very well fucked and you are in for a surprise as this is a guy I’ve never told you about. “ now I was intrigued..

almost bang on time the doorbell rang, Ann opened the door as she was and I heard her saying she was dressed as he had instructed. He complimented her on how great she looked, and then told her to get on the step. ( the stairs to upstairs in our house are just inside the front door, and Ann being short loves standing on the first step so she can be fucked from behind by a guy )

I knew from his comment and her little giggle that he had been here before. It went quiet for a while but I could hear the obvious noises of a cpl at it, I still couldn’t see anything as I was sat in wrong place. Then I could hear Ann start groaning and knew she was being fucked, then the sound of flesh smacking flesh as he was fucking her in our hallway. Then Ann said she wanted the audience to be able to watch, so in she walked pulling this man mountain behind her by his cock, he was blacker than black and was just all muscle, his cock wasn’t as big as folk say about black guys but I sure wouldn’t want it as a wart on my nose..

Ann introduced me to Darren, he’s an American serviceman and with a giggle she said how he enjoyed servicing her too.. we all laughed. Now I was sitting and watching as they went at it like two love hungry teenagers, he fucked her in so many positions I was struggling to keep up, he then laid on the floor with his feet towards me, Ann climbed on top and very slowly and deliberately sank down onto her black lovepole.. I am always amazed watching black cock in white pussy, the contrast of the two always has me transfixed. And watching her sliding up and down on this guy was too much for me and I actually cum without even being able to touch my cock. Darren saw this and it must have pushed him over the edge, he grabbed Ann’s bum cheeks really tight and rammed her deep into his cock and gave a fair grunt as he started emptying his load into her, as she started moving again his cum was seeping out and down his shaft onto his balls, Ann climbed off and moved down to start licking and sucking him clean, her gaping and dripping pussy was just in front of me and still his cum was oozing out, oh how I wanted to bury my face in her and eat it all clean but I couldn’t move..

Ann eventually went and made us all some coffee and we sat chatting away casually, and when Ann had finished her coffee she lent forward and started sucking Darren back to life, he didn’t take long before he was once again fully erect and ready for more pussy. I watched them fuck several times that evening and their actions made me cum again just from watching and no touching, by the time Darren left, I’d watched him make my wife cum so many times and seen her being fucked in her pussy her mouth and even her ass which is rare for Ann,

Once Darren had left we sat and talked for a while and Ann slipped her fingers into her pussy a few times and then put them in my mouth so I could taste their combined juices.

Can’t wait to see what she does next as she has confessed now that her being fucked whilst I cannot join is really turning her on immensely. And she is even considering buying some bdsm stuff so she can tie me up and make me watch only while she fucks others..

More to follow I’m sure