Written by gosso

10 Aug 2007

A few weeks ago my wife, Jean, arranged to host a Ann Summers party at our house. I was told to go down the pub and stay there. I did this until last orders were called and walked home.

I entered the lounge and Jean and Sally were the only ones left. I could see they had been drinking and were pretty jolly. I asked how it went and Jean said it was good fun. Jean knows that I cross dress but I have never dressed in front of her. I looked at the rail with all the sexy lingerie and longed to try some on. Suddenly Jena said that I should model some lingerie for her and Sally. I blushed and Jean said that she had told Sally about my dressing. Sally smiled and asked me nicely. How could I refuse? I grabbed all the lingerie and popped into our bedroom and started looking at all the nice sheer, frilly lingerie. I selected a sheer black nightdress with a red ribbon. I stripped out of my clothes and slipped it on. I found the matching sheer black thong and pulled it up my legs. My cock started twitching. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I needed some stockings to finish the outfit. I looked in Jeans hosiery drawer and took out a pair of black hold up stockings with a nice lace trim and slipped them up my legs. I needed some heels….I nipped into the garage and found some black high heels in my bag of lingerie in the garage. I was ready and very nervous.

Sally was in her mid 50’s, divorced and drop dead gorgeous. I always fancied her.

I stepped into the lounge and the girls giggled. Sally told me to do a little spin. She told me to come closer and tucked a dollar in my panties. I looked at jean and she winked at me, as to say, It’s ok carry on. Sally’s hands were now running up my hosed legs and my cock was almost erect. She fondled my balls and the peeled my panties off. Jean got up and stood behind me and started rubbing my nipples. Jean asked Sally when last she had some cock and Sally told her it had been a while. Before I knew what was going on Sally had lifted my nighty and started sucking my cock. Jean was kissing me and I was rubbing her ass and tits. I could feel Sally swallow my whole cock and she was really good at it. She stopped and told me to sit down on the couch. Sally and jean started stripping. Sally was wearing a bra and stockings and Jean was down to a pair of stockings.

Sally grab a dildo from the display and lay on the carpet and started sliding it in and out of her pussy. Jean moved closer and slid the other end into her wet pussy. They were fucking each other with this double ended dildo and have loads of orgasms. I was dying to get some pussy and Sally reached over and started wanking my cock. She was ready to be fucked and came and sat on my lap. I was lying on my back with Sally grinding her pussy on my cock and jean pussy in my mouth. I could hold no longer and shot a load into Sally. She got off me, spread her legs and then jean cleaned her out with her tongue.

We ended up fucking into the early hours of the morning with the girls finishing the show by fucking each other with huge dildos, strap on cocks and other toys. How lucky can one man be…….