Written by AlKaz

6 May 2018

We moved into a scissor position Anne moving in her pussy contacting with mine fingers rubbing my clit as we rubbed against each other. I’d done this with Sue previously but Anne’s large pussy lips gave this an added sensation and we came together in a welter of groans. Anne sucked her fingers and encouraged I copied savouring our combined juices.

Anne now took the dildo and began to ease it into my pussy until I had a good 9 inches inserted and she began to move it in and out withdrawing it about 3 inches before ploughing it back in to full depth with increasing speed. I was responding again and noting my state she repositioned herself now taking the rest into her own vagina ( with absolute ease I noted ) until our pussy lips met again. It didn’t take long before the delirium of yet another cum hit me Anne however was still in control humping hard against me her fingers rubbing my clit with rapidity prolonging me to a multiple state my squirting juices soaking the bed below us. Anne now howling her own climax my fingers now doing the business on her clit and my hips now doing the main thrusts I noted that she must have taken at least another couple of inches of the toy into her seemingly bottomless pussy.

We flopped flat back the toy now only a few inches in each as we parted murmuring in our post orgasmic state. Anne then sat up I copied the toy slipping from us and our lips met in a gentle but full on kiss before Anne launched a suckling assault on my nipples they slightly tender from her earlier assault then pushing me down onto my back she then took the cat and began stroking it sensuously along my body with a light touch particularly against my breasts and between my parted legs the sensation marvellous against my smooth pussy.

Then two flicks of the wrist and the leather hitting each of my breasts in turn then stroking my belly and between my legs then repeating her strike on my boobs then she stroked me again before another flick with her practised hand this time a light strike on my pussy I jumped at this but made no effort to stop her so this process repeated the strikes on my boobs increasing with strength the pussy blows however being much less. My skin had reddened but my nipples were on fire Anne reversed the grasp on her whip and rubbed the plaited leather handle long my pussy lips before pushing most of its 6inch length inside my soaking pussy twisting it as she moved in and out before withdrawing it .

“Turn over” was the command “ I’m going to make that arse of yours glow slave” I meekly complied again the gentle stroking before the beating with an increased tempo one or two on the back but the main concentration being my buttock’s I just lay totally trusting and compliant as though in a dream letting these totally new sensations wash over me. Then I snapped out as I realised we had been joined . Mark had appeared he was dressed but was quickly shedding his clothes his erection springing from his boxers as his final vestiges fell away. “Having fun girls” he grinned “room for another one”

“Knees up” commanded Anne I positioned myself and Mark positioned behind me. Anne now feeling my pussy before spreading lube over my anus in preparation. I didn’t need to wait long as his cock pressed against me entering with ease and he began to fuck me as Anne rubbed my clit and I noticed in their wardrobe mirror fingered her husband as he began to pound me. Yet another orgasm hit as I then felt Marks warm cum filling my arse.

I flopped forward he retreated to the shower Anne gently running her hand over me and when I turned onto my back she planted kisses down my stomach before gently licking my pussy more in a soothing than sexual way.

Mark reappeared “shower” asked Anne “please” We moved to the wet room leaving Mark on their bed.

In the room there was a shower chair “sit” I complied expecting a shower soaking for my stinging boobs and buttocks Anne stood behind then a jetted warm sensation on my back trickling to my buttocks stinging my tenderised skin I then realised Anne was pissing on me. I’d never considered golden showers but I found myself enjoying it. Emboldened Anne positioned in front of me “ Nothing like salt in the wounds” she giggled holding her labia she directed another stream across my breasts my hands now rubbing them until she had emptied herself. We stood and locked in a kiss feeling each other up as we did hands groping nipples and fingering pussies as we now stood under the warm water of the shower. This time I got four fingers into Anne speeding up until she came for me. We moved out and dried ourselves. I must admit I was now spent Anne sensed this “home time for you” she announced “ and I’m going to fuck my husband. I suggest you go home and do yours”

“Sounds like a plan” I said Inwardly though all I now wanted was rest and reflection which was how Al found me curled up on the couch when he returned. I recanted my experience and my gorgeous respectful husband settled for a blowjob that night...