Written by fletchit

10 Jun 2008

I purchased my pc last year and am still learning how to use it anyway i went on an adult dateing site this woman advertised she wanted to suck cock so i replied to her request and arranged to meet her in Tonbridge Kent in a shopping centre i met her and she took me into the disabled toilet and kissed me she was a tall brunette wearing a green skirt and black knee high boots she lifted her top i licked and sucked her tits then pulled her skirt up she had the hairiest bush ive seen in a long while she undid my trousers dropped to her knees and pulled my trousers down took hold of my cock and began to gently suck it her lips were like velvet up and down my cock she got it hard then took pictures of my hard cock she then sucked me again and carried on until i shot my cum into her mouth she then got up tidied her clothes and walked out i caught up with her after sortiing my trousers and she wouldnt talk gesturing that she was holding my cum in her mouth we were out the shop by now and she didnt spit it out just kept it in her mouth it was weird dont know what satisfaction she got out of holding it in her mouth