Written by cumslut

21 Mar 2007

i love the thrill of anonymous sex. I regularly pick up guys in bars and clubs, fuck them and never bother asking their names, the thrill I get from teasing them, feeling thier hands on my body as we dance and then finding a dark corner or alleyway, the thrill of a strangers cock fucking my eager pussy.

Last night though I was home and feeling very horny, I had already played with my dildo for a while and cum a couple of times but i really needed to feel a real cock. So, I put on my short skirt and low cut jumper, no undies and drove to our local dogging site.

Parking the car I could already see a few guys parked up, so I sat in the dark for a while I was so turned on so I spread my legs and started stroking my pussy....pulling my tits out of my top to squeeze my nipples. I put the interior light on and soon noticed a guy walking over to the car. he seemed surprised that I was alone, but after watching me for a few minutes he soon had the door open and was kneeling on the ground sucking my tits...and fingering me.

I wasnt up for foreplay and needed fucking so I knelt on the seat with my arse out of the door. He soon got the message and plunged his cock up my fanny giving me the fucking i needed.

Another guy came over and opened the passenger door - he knelt on the seat and fed his hard cock into my mouth so that I was being shafted from both ends.

The guy fucking me didnt last long and soon shot his load all over my arse as he pulled out. Unknown to me there was a 3rd guy watching and withing seconds he slipped his cock up me and carried on fucking....I was cumming so hard I, his cock was huge. The cock in my mouth spurted and I gulped down as much cum as I could - spilling the rest on my tits.

The guy fucking me was hammering as hard as he could and then cried out as he pumped his load deep into my cunt.

He pulled out and I turned around to suck it clean and then realised that quite a crowd had gathered.. I had already had 3 cocks and here were 4 more guys wanking their cocks as they watched the show.

We moved over to the grassy area so that I could be more comfortable, and I agreed to take them all on. One by one they all fucked me until I could hardly walk back to the car