Written by Crawley Boy Graham

3 Sep 2018

A few weeks back I posted my story about my wife's braless night out and how our sex life had improved.

Last Friday she had another night out with the girls. This time she seemed very excited about the prospect and brought a new dress. She opened a bottle of prosecco and started drinking whilst getting ready, As ladies do she took ages before coming down to show her new dress. I almost chocked on my bear she looked so sexy. The dress was short and very clingy, more to the point (no pun intended) it was very clear she was braless.

I couldn't keep my hands off her! However her taxi arrived so I was again left at home my imagination running riot.

In a repeat of last month she was late home but this time I kept an eye out for her taxi home.

Again I heard a car arrive but this time It was probably 30 minutes before she came in.

As she tottered up our path I could see she was a little dishevelled and very pissed.

She was also very horny . As we kissed we fell into the lounge and I pulled off her dress. I was stunned to find she had no panties either and she was so wet three of my fingers slid into her with ease. As I teased her already stiff clit with my thumb I asked her what she had been upto, It was so so sexy hearing her say that the same guys had given her a lift.

Her friend was actually noshing his mate in the back. This time how ever J. allowed the guy to pull her dress down and kiss her boobs. She went on to say please don't be angry but he also put his hand up her dress to stroke her fanny. It was then he ripped her g string off .

By now we were actually shagging as she described how he mad her come and she wanked his large cock.

We had the most fantastic sex again and since Friday we have fantasied about her inviting her "friends" in for coffee !!

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