Written by sexycouple69

30 Aug 2010

Well after the last story which I hope you all liked my wife was just crazy about sex. She wanted to go back the nudist beach more often she was like a new women. We went a few times but nothing happening just a few cocks to see walking pass but a lot of the times it was to windy, with sand every where.

Anyway after a few weeks and I think my wife was getting frustrated as the beach seemed to turn her on more, we decided that we would go away for a few days over to La Gomera Island just of Tenerife, what my wife did not know is that there are nudist beach's on La Gomera.

We found our hotel small place on the far side of the island so it was easy to explore, if you have not been there it is very unspoilt. The next day we set off driving round the island and found a nice cove that we drove down to. We parked next to a few cars and walked towards the sea. It was a rocky place with little paths through some small sand dunes. We soon noticed as we approached the beach that it was indeed a nudist beach my wife looked at me shocked she said did I know about this place, I said no it's new to me, little did she know I looked it up on the internet.

I said do you want to go or stay she said might as well stay. There where places above the beach,on top of the rock area that where set out like little private sun bathing area's that were protected by rocks walls that hid you from everybody else so you could have your own privacy. We set our selves up towels cool box and stripped off, now that we have been going nude for some time now my wife has got a all over tan and she just loves my nice colour cock. We settled down getting some sun after a while from our view point above the beach and see, we could hear people giggling coming towards us it was obvious that they could not see us then all of a sudden this couple come to the front of our hide out, the look on their faces was amazing, the guy just kept looking at my wife's pussy as we were both totally naked, his wife which we found out later just said sorry did not expect anyone to be in here as they had been coming there for the last few days. They said enjoy and left, my wife said what do you think they meant, I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to sun bathing.

Then after our picnic we had brought with us and a few glass's of wine for my wife a couple of cans a beer for me my wife started to get a bit naughty teasing me sucking her fingers then started to play with my cock, it was now around 4pm. She said we should come here again tomorrow but find another place as she had not seen any cocks. She said so I want yours, I stood up to see if there was anybody around but all I could see was a few people on the beach. While I was stood there she proceeded to suck my cock, I was leaning against the rocks that were hiding us while she sucked my cock. I then saw the couple again walking near us they were both starkers, they saw me and walked our way, I did not say anything to my wife I was just enjoying her sucking my cock. The couple could not see what was happening until they got closer, as they got near the opening of our little den they stopped did not say anything but just watched.

The guys wife was younger than my wife had a great body firm tits shaven pussy, she just placed her things on the floor and started to play with her self. The husband standing next to her had an impressive size cock big in both ways semi hard. I said to my wife darling we have company it's that young couple we saw before. My wife stopped sucking me turned round looked at them both turned back to me looked up at me and you could see the lust in her eyes. She just got back sucking my cock, the guy took that as ok so he moved forward followed by his wife, he looked at me to see if it was ok I nodded he then knelt down behind my wife and started to caress her shoulders neck then moved to her tits, not sure if I told you but my wife is a curvy size 12 with ample size tits.

He was playing with them as my wife sucked my cock then I felt my balls being sucked I looked down to see this guys wife sucking my balls and my wife was letting her, I have never had another women before. I could see the guy was now finger fucking my wife from behind at one stage she tensed on my cock and I knew she had just cum. His wife was now taking turns in sucking my cock I thought god am going to cum soon a can't hold out and with that I said I'm cumming and I shot over both of them it was incredible it was so intense his wife just started to suck me clean while I noticed the guy was now fucking my wife doggy style and she was loving it. His wife then told me to lick her pussy which I did while my wife watched, I was playing with her clitoris when she came over my face and wow did she taste sweet, my wife saw this and asked me to kiss her she wanted to taste another women. His wife was now licking my wifes pussy and her husbands cock as he was fucking my wife wow what a sight, my wife was kissing me with so much passion I could feel her cumming as we kissed with that the guy grunted and shot his load into my wife's pussy. He pulled out spunk dripping from his cock and my wife, she was gasping with pleasure, his wife cleaned his cock then started to lick the cum from my wife's pussy she was loving it and she came again.

My cock was now hard again I just placed it straight into his wife's pussy while she was still licking my wife, my wife was now nearly sitting on the women's face squatting as though she was peeing, the guy moved round to the front of my wife and placed his semi hard cock into her mouth, as I fucked his wife, his wife was licking my wife's pussy first time that has happened and my wife was sucking this guys cock what a sight.

Seeing all this just blew me away and I shot my load deep inside his wife, my wife gave out a long mmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrr as she started to cum I also new hew was shooting his load down my wife's throat. We all collapsed not saying a word cum on my wife's chin on her thigh her pussy red and swollen, the guys wife had cum dripping from her pussy. She turned to my wife and said do you like tasting you hubby's cum, my wife said some times she said well get down her and lick his cum from my pussy. I was gob smacked my wife got between her legs and started to lick her pussy and my cum. It was not long as us guys watched that his wife grabbed the back of my wife's head and forced her hard onto her pussy and with that let out a scream I'm cumming and with that came into my wife mouth and face, my wife turned to me a gave me the most amazing kiss I have ever had the taste as incredible, sweet but a little salty as well.

We just laid there all fucked it was now about 6 and the sun was going down, we chatted that's when we found out they were man and wife and they to had only been nudist while on holiday and that she had been fucked a couple of time that week while her husband watched, and they said that they liked the look of us so talked about a foursome, they thought that if they came back later they might find us fucking which would make it easier for them. They were going home day after next so we arranged to see them the next day..........more to cum so to speak