Written by marvel

20 May 2015

Reading the "House viewing takes unexpected turn..." posted on May 18th reminds me of a similar experience that I thought worth sharing. This took place in Summer 2012 when I found myself between jobs for 8 months and took up a position at an Estate Agents.

It was fairly typical, some brainless dollybirds swanning around in the company mini's and smart cars, employed for their looks rather than their intelligence. This meant the middle aged ones tried to compete by plastering on the make-up, and wearing clothes a bit too tight, which somehow they squeezed themselves into.

But I was not complaining at all. As a then 39 year old guy, it was a great place to work, even though the daily conversations about the previous nights soap operas and reality TV was dull at best.

Anyway, the branch manager was 24, a completely clueless baffoon who spent most of his money on suits and hair gel, whilst the rest went up his nose. The longest servant was Derek, a middle aged guy who basically constantly cleared up the mess the others left behind. In my first week, I'd heard a couple of references to the christmas party held months earlier. It wasnt anything "in your face" but clearly something had happened and I was intrigued.

At the end of my first week, Derek took me out for a drink. He was pretty direct, and said I wasnt the typical estate agent, and I explained it was just a stop gap for me. As we were on our final round, I mentioned the Christmas party, and asked what happened. Basically it was a bit of a flashy do each year, with the other 5 branches attending, and it always ended with people pairing up. The company even booked rooms at the hotel for this purpose.

However Christmas 2011 was a bit different because it was more like an orgy, with the dollybirds being passed around the middle aged chaps, whilst the "muttons" were after any young cock they could find.

What made it better was that the girls in our office has been the biggest sluts (which is a good thing after all)

Derek claimed that not a day goes by without him emptying his nuts at work! Fuck how the hell had I not spotted that??

So Monday morning, and it starts with a brief meeting to discuss the previous weeks sales figures. The branch manager was the only one with an office and as soon as the meeting ended, he was sleeping off a weekend hangover with his door closed.

The office was otherwise open plan, with just a tiny kitchen at the back, along with staff toilets and a store room. Derek went over to Sandra, an early 20s bimbo and whispered something to her. She looked at me and giggled before heading out back. As she passed my desk she just said "can you come and help me get some envelopes down". I genuinely did not see what was coming next. As soon as we were out of sight of the office, she cooly said "Derek suggested I bring you out here for a fuck."

I was shocked. Happy but really surprised at how straightforward she was. She just stripped and, for what she lacked in brains she made up for in looks. Her body was floorless, and she wasted no time in kneeling down to suck my cock. After just a few minutes I warned her I was going to cum but she just pulled me even tighter into her and I was soon filling her mouth with cum.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but now I took notice when Derek went out the back with one of the bimbos.

That night I hardly slept as I keep wanking, thinking about events at work. The following morning, it was one of the muttons who asked me to help her get some envelopes down, and sure enough, 2 minutes later I was balls deep in her cunt.

It was a daily event, and I really looked forward to work each morning.

Some weeks later I was asked to help with measuring a house the agents has just taken on. the measuring took all of 10 minutes, followed by me fucking the original dollybird on the stairs.

My 8 months there were certainly an eye opener. Sex was used to clinch deals, to get properties on the books. Famously one 70s couple opted for that agency when Derek was shown round their garden by Mrs OAP, whilst Mr OAP had his cock in pussy 50 years younger than his wife.

And famously stories reached us of another agency in town having one of their employees fuck a random stranger in a house they were selling, only for the homeowner to come home early and catch them at it....but "won over" as he had sloppy seconds.

So really, the earlier story on here rung plenty of bells. The women at estate agents may well be a bit dim, but they sure as hell know how to fuck