Written by Lucky guy

3 Jan 2014

Liz has taken to the shower, I had text her earlier suggesting we could be naughty tonight and so she was home and the evening meal consumed, a light offering from yours truly, not desiring the weight of a heavy stew slowing us down. The time has passed quickly and we were in our stride and into the car, she in a very fetching low cut dress covered by a coat against the high winds and a mystery for me to discover when we arrived at our destination. The anticipation was high and she kept prompting me to divulge our arrival at wherever. I pulled up at the airport and showed her two plane tickets for Holland and a hotel included in a price I could not argue with.

We had a weekend to ourselves after the traumatic dramas of the past twelve months, we had sold the house and down sized now the kids were away and settled. Yes a winter break, but so desperately needed after the tension of waiting to sell, our future hinging on a quick result. Luckily a breakthrough after the summer ended and within seven weeks were in a new home a few miles from our previous abode. Close enough to know the facilities but distant enough not to be known. We started afresh and now five weeks after upping sticks, we were going to relish a few days of relaxation.

Liz complained that she had no clothes to wear except what she had on, but I showed her the bag I had packed before she got in, a few bits and bobs, the washbags and some scent and a change of clothes each. I promised her a new wardrobe and was going to allow her a nice outing to the shops in Amsterdam for starters and promised her a trip to Italy when it was warmer for another small spree.

She kissed me as we queued for the check in and said she would be very naughty for the lovely treat then she whispered in my ear that she would fuck a guy this very night if she found one who ticked her boxes. I grinned widely and we had a light hearted laugh as we awaited the departure. As we took off she scoured the plane for likely guys but saw none.

Our weekend took off for the second time after we had dropped our belongings into our room and hit the bar for a drink. Here were plenty of eligble guys all around her favourite age around forty, guys with experience but still enough youth to perform long enough to satisfy her. I did my famous disappearing act and left her to her own devices and having visited a nearby bar, on my return, I saw she was in deep conversation with a well dressed guy. I hung about for a few min and I caught her eye and held up my phone to my ear, our sign that I wanted to text her.

I soon learned he was keen to get her naked and she asked if it was alright to go to his room. She promised to ask him to take some pictures for me. I replied with pleasure.

I must stop now as it is quite late and she is still in his room so I will fill you in with Friday 2 as soon as I can