Written by dirtydave

15 Oct 2007

it was our last night on holiday so george and his wife asked us if we fancied a night out, now it is not my kind of night out with 2 nearly 80 year olds so i told the wife to go by herself and that i would und the town and i also knew that george would try something with her later. isaid i would meet her at a certain pub at about midnight. she went and got ready to meet them and she came out of the bedroom all in white.white high heels a mini that cant have been a foot long and a white top no bra and white panties ,i must say it showed off her dark tan, she went to meet them and i went to town, i had afew in a bar and as i was by myself a couple of girls about 20 started talking to me, we had a few more drinks and they asked if i had come by myself so i told them that i was with the wife but she was screwing some one somewere. then they asked me if i wanted to ,and before you know it we are all in bed together i fucked both of them ,then they put on a lesbo session for me.we all had sex again then i said that i had to go. anyhow i left them playing with each other and went to meet the wife. she was by herself saying george had taken his wife home and that he would see her later.she told me that they had been sat at a table in a bar and that george had slid his hand up her thigh under her skirt and fingered her while his wife was sat there but she hadnt seen anything,i saw george comming back and she said that if i went off somewere that she would take him back to our place and fuck him all night . i said that i had met a couple of lads and would go to theres but first i would go to our flat and go on the balcony and would watch you 2 for a few mins then go. iheard them come in and they went straight to the bedroom i crept in and could hear them ,the bedroom light was on and the door was slightly open so i looked in.they didnt see me because the door was near the foot of the bed ,george was naked and the wife had on her skirt and heels laid on her back with george eating her shaved pussy she then told him she was comming and to get his cock in her , he moved between her thighs and started fucking her and as i left could hear her shouting to fuck her harder. i shut the door quietly and went off to find the girls again