11 Jul 2016

Following last week's first effort of dogging we last night embarked on what we hoped would be another adventure. We decided to get ready and when my hot woman came down stairs I was not dissapointed. She was wearing a short black clingy skirt, a low cut red top which revealed a significant amount of her 38e cleavage and she also had on what I call her fuck me shoes. High healed strappy black sandals. I went to greet her at the bottom of the stairs and kissed her passionately and to also have a good grope of her sexy arse. It was at this point I also discovered she was not wearing any knickers either. As I kissed her passionately I slowly put my hands under her skirt and started rubbing her puss but she told me later, and quickly removed my hand.

As we were driving her skirt began riding up and her thighs were visible and I was thinking if she keeps this up ill be able to see her pussy soon. Little did I know what she had in store. We firstly decided to head back to the same place as other night. As I was driving over Caerphilly mountain I looked across to see her skirt well up and she was rubbing her puss already. At the sight I developed a hard on with in seconds and I just wanted to stop the car and see to her good and proper.

We pulled up at our destination all was dark and very quiet. As we decided to wait to see what happened I reached across and had some of my own fun. I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy feeling her juices all over my hand. Still no sign of anyone so we decided to make a move and visit a different site, we headed for castellated coch woods.

On arrival here there was three cars all parked at the top end so we decided to go down the bottom end of car park and park facing towards them so we parked up and turned off the engine . I leaned across to my hot sexy girl and started kissing her. I began to rub her boobs and lifter her toparents so I could start ducking those big Titties. By now I also had my hand up her skirt and was fingerings her with three fingers deep in her pussy. She was already very wet and looking forward to the evening. As I fucked her with my fingers she starts moaning and before long she was having her first orgasm.

Wr then decided that we'd move into the back seats so gave her a helping hand to climb across ( she thought I was a right gent) but actually it was so I could grope her arse and give it a good smack. I followed her into the back. She undid my trousers pulled them down and then removed my boxers. I sat on the seat and took my shirt off. Before I had a chance to say anything her head was in my lap and she had taken my hard cock in her mouth. The feeling was sensational. I lay there with her sucking on my cock and she was taking it deep. It was at this point I noticed a few people around the car, there were three guys surrounding the car two watching through side windows and one the rear window. I could see one guy had his cock out and was wanking it the other two couldn't see. I said to my sexy girl we were being watched to which she stopped sucking my dick and replied 'at last'.

With all these different emotions going on I told her to stop sucking otherwise I was gonna cum and wanted to save it for her pussy, which she did. So I thought I'd repay the favour and began fingering her wet pussy as I sucked on her big tits. By this point I knew she was getting very excited and was ready to orgasm. So I stopped fingering her and began to duck her clit before burying my tongue deep into her pussy.

As I was licking her pussy out and rubbing her clit I looked up to see her looking out of the window and she was looking at two guys stood there both with their cocks out wanking. As she was staring at their cocks and had her pussy licked out she was fondling and squeezing her tits. She then surprised us all by winding the window down slightly ,she turned to me and said don't mind do you its boiling in here. I replied yes I'm sure that's the real reason. The guys were gutted as she hadn't opened it wide enough for them to get a hand in.

She then turned to me and asked if I'd seen the size of the one guys cock, apparently she informed me it was a right whopper. By now there were 4 guys all around the one window she had opened and all 4 had their cocks out. She decided she wanted to go on all fours and while doing so was right up to the window and was making sucking and licking gestures to the guys outside. As she did this I eased my hard cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her hard and fast. The harder I fucked her the further towards the guys she went . As I pounded her tight wet pussy I could feel my cock starting to rise but was holding on for dear life. As I fucked her deep I told her I was gonna fill her with my spunk any second, by the sounds of her panting she was in the midst of an orgasm also. I pounded that tight pussy so hard n fast until I was shooting my salty spunk deep inside her pussy. She then turned around put my cock in her mouth and was sucking it contently. Whilst at the same time her arse was stuck up against the window , maybe the guys were imagining them filling her too. Once she had finished sucking she then told me to move across where she lay spread eagle on the seat and started fingering her pussy for dear life as the guys watched on. They looked like they really enjoyed the show she put on for them and I watched aa two of them cum during this performance. I was so so tempted to open the car door and let them all fill her up with their own seed but she had said she didn't want it yet.

Hopefully that will come next time we go out into the unknown