31 Jan 2017

Well , if you have read any previous tales about Jo, you'll know this is history but it was arousing fun nevertheless.

Jo's hubby and her hosted a new year party .. it'd be about 1998 I suppose. My missus was working and an old mate , Dave, had come to stay , so we both decided to go to the party, getting there about 11pm.

Usual stuff , booze , flirting, laughing!

As we arrived, we were introduced to anyone we met and Jo had hold of my arm . I had the distinct feeling she was making sure a friend of hers knew that 'this was the guy I was telling you about'! Just a feeling!

I had on the full kilt regalia and was dressed appropriately.

After the bells, it was in full flow and as usual Jo's husband was well oiled! A few people moved on and it thinned out a bit . Dave suggested we go and I agreed so headed upstairs to grab my coat off the stack on the bed and as I was looking for mine, Jo came in. She was not happy that we were leaving but had decided to grab a moment or two and was very close to me. She was reaching under my kilt and I asked her what if somebody came upstairs, to which she replied by nodding at the door where I could see her friend , mentioned previously, sitting in the doorway , looking in at us and alternately down the stairs! She was the watchdog! Obviously Jo wanted some action.

She had hold of my cock which by now was hard and so , being familiar with her needs I unzipped her and got her naked except for shoes and stockings. It was pretty damn sexy knowing that our fuck was going to be observed. Jo knelt up on the coats on the bed facing her friend and I took her from behind. She needed no foreplay, she was ready and wet and gasping! I pumped away but was nowhere near coming due to the booze I suppose but I felt Jo shudder and let her fall forwards onto the coat pile and as she did so my cock sprang out for her friend to see. I waved her across and she seemed to hesitate then came over.

Jo looked round and smiled at her... " go on !"she said, so her friend , still can't remember her name(!), just hitched up her skirt and climbed up in front of me. Her cunt was glistening and she had obviously been pleasuring herself watching us... I shrugged and went for it, with her on her back , legs spread. This time I could feel her vaginal contractions better than Jo's and it was imminent . I basically fucked her hard and came deep in her !

I think she orgasmed with me but as far as I was concerned It was too late for me to hold back!

Jo was very close and holding her hand . After that it was over fairly quickly but I do remember some of my spunk dribbling out of her onto somebody's coat!

We went back downstairs and hadn't been missed and the two girls saw us off from the backdoor , with their arms round each other and a big smile!

A great memory for me!