Written by Caddy man

28 Sep 2017

I ran into a couple that I knew vaguely quite unexpectedly one evening , I found myself chatting to the wife as her husband kept going out to have a cigarette, although in her late 50s she had a great figure and was lovely company, we became fb friends and chatted over the following weeks . She didn't hide the fact that they were not really happy anymore and like many long term marriages there interest in each other had virtually ended. Our chats became a bit more intimate as the weeks wore on and she loved that I paid her attention, But she always made it clear she had never been unfaithful and had only ever had sex with her husband. After a couple of months and a lot of flirting she agreed to meet if the opportunity arose . Well our chance came her husband had to go to London for a night on business he was not leaving till around 10 in the evening so i made my way over and waited on her call . when he left she called I was there in minutes she was wearing pjs and had not even had time to dress which suited me fine. She was very nervous and made me a coffee i eventually moved closer and put my arms around her and we kissed , she quickly said i shouldn't be doing this but didn't push me away . I could tell she was not wearing a bra so i thought i will slide my hand up her back and work around to her lovely tits. She was clearly excited by this but very nervous, by now i was rock hard and she could tell, we moved to the sofa and she reluctantly let me feel her wet pussy, She felt so good but suddenly said I cant do this so we stopped . I asked if she wanted me to leave she said no and after about 30 mins we were kissing again , This time i got her tits out they looked stunning and when i got to her pussy again it was so wet, I rubbed and fingered her until she could feel her orgasm coming , then she undid my trousers took out my cock and said omg its huge, I hastily pulled her pyjama bottoms off and spread her legs and slid my cock inside her . she was so tight it took awhile to get fully inside her. By now she really wanted it and was pushing her pussy forward with every stroke as i fucked her . It wasn't long before she came to a shuddering climax so i filled her full of my hot spunk. She was a little upset as I was only second man to touch her but we worked through it and now 2 yrs later she is still with her husband but we fuck as often as we can . She loves her pussy licked she never experienced that before , now she even sucks my cock and swallows my hot spunk . we have even played around outdoors a little so i know there are more exciting times to come. People who know her would be so shocked if they knew