Written by Wizz

4 Sep 2007

Ok, let's meet - we decided that we'd learnt enough over the past couple of weeks and it was time our fantasy had a chance to blossom into reality. I arranged to meet her and her husband for a drink at lunchtime in a pub close to their place, but only "to see if the chemistry was right".

As soon as I walked in I knew it was them, sitting facing the door in the corner, I smiled and they gestured at me - they already had a bottle of wine on the go. As I walked across the room I registered their faces, both friendly and interestin, and also very good looking. But most of all I could hardly take my eyes off her long legs and ample bossom! A really lovely figure unwound as she stood to give me a peck on the cheek. I was sure the "chemistry" was not going to be a problem fairly early on.

We drank the bottle between us and I went to get another after it was clear we were getting along just fine, her eyes kept meeting mine and I think that, although her husband was there and it was all with his concession, she and I were clearly pretty keen to get on with things, whether he was there or not!

As I stood at the bar, Julie came up to help me carry the glasses while Jim, her husband went off to the loo. She said in a low voice - "I want you this afternoon, if you're up for it, Jim is fine and will join us later".

What could I say, we sat down and drank a little more and with a nod from Jim, she grabbed my hand and made to leave, with me following like an eager puppy!

We got into her house and no sooner had the door shut she turned to me and planted a long sensual kiss on my lips as she reached down to unbutton my jeans. I had taken the precaution of taking a cialis earlier just in case I was going to need extra performance, and the result was an urgent and extremely firm hard on straining to get out of my jeans (worn commando at all times).

As she pulled them down over my ass, she slid them down and dropped to her knees where she proceeded to give me a slow, warm, expert BJ until my knees were buckling and I begged her to let me fuck her. She stopped sucking a few moments before I would have been unable to hold back and ran up the stairs with me following her into the bedroom where I eagerly lifted her little black dress over he head to reveal her naked, perfectly formed breasts and a lacy black, almost transparent thong. Her long legs were tanned and slim and her pierced belly button was set against an athletic flat stomach. I pushed her back and pulled her thong to one side, burying my face in her sweet, almost hairless pussy until she was gasping and panting for a cock.

The cialis had done it's work, my cock remained stiff and proud 30 minutes after she had set it free and i rose up, knelt between her thighs and slid into her in a single stroke. Her gasp was, I think, of pleasure, and she moaned under her breath, "Fuck me, fuck me hard".

It was all I could do to stop myself cumming almost immediately, but I slowed the pace a few times and enjoyed a long hard, slow - fast fuck with her, her legs in the air, around my neck, on her knees and finally on top of her in the good old missionary where I came along with her, loudly breathlessly and in a very big, wet way!

As we lay back on the bed Jim walked in, a smile on his face and said he'd been watching the last few minutes from the landing. It was clear he had as his cock was sticking out in front of him, looking like it had already taken a bit of a beating, but he came in, knelt between her legs, buried his face in her cum filled pussy and licked it almost clean before pushing his cock into her wet hole. As he did this I was getting hard again, especially as i saw my cum oozing out of her as he entered her.

I busied myself, attending to her body and she held my newly swelling cock and started to suck it once more. I had never done it before but I had long wanted to try DP. I suggested we move around a bit and she lowered herself onto my cock, sitting on me facing the same way as me, then we lay back and Jim entered Julie's pussy. What an amazing feeling, I could feel his hard cock sliding past mine through the wall of her pussy. Julie really seemed to enjoy this crowded feeling too as we all built up to a crescendo, cumming pretty much all together, I find it really hard to stop myself in the tight confines of an asshole!

We carried on like this for a few hours, finally collapsing into a sated heap for an hour or so before i finally left them to their sleep.

I hope we do it again soon..........