Written by caddyman

16 Nov 2017

Further to my story a couple of months ago , I have been seeing another mans wife. It's her first ever affair and she was quite shy and reserved at the start ..but not any more she wants my cock whenever and wherever she can get it. She messaged me to say her husband was going to a work colleges retirement the following Friday evening , It was an ideal chance to get some time together. By the time Friday came around we were both in a high state of arousal both physically and mentally out messages became more and more explicit . The time came and I parked a couple of streets away before heading to her house, she was waiting by the door to let me in wearing nothing but a dressing gown. my hand was quickly on her pussy she was so wet and ready she had shaved and waxed and felt as smooth as silk as I slipped my finger into her hot slit. She soon had my trousers open and was stoking my cock she looked at me and said fuck me right now, I didn't need telling twice I turned her around and bent her over the dining room , she felt so good as I slipped inside her , I didn't last long and was soon pumping a load of hot spunk inside her. We soon collapsed together on the sofa she looked amazing with her legs spread and her dark nipples topping off her beautiful tits . I could see my spunk starting to leak from her pussy I reached across and started to rub her , I quickly found her enlarged clit and concentrated on that. I feel her orgasm building then she just exploded so much juice running from her my hand was soaked . We relaxed for a while to get our breath back, she said she needed the bathroom I said I am coming with you ..she started to protest but i just pulled her up from the sofa we got to the bathroom and she started to pee, I stood right in front of her stroking my cock , She soon realised what I wanted and started to suck me I was rock hard in no time. She got up from the toilet and went to the sink to wash herself as she was bending over I couldn't help but slap her ass. We had never done anything like this before but she didn't object so I did it again she just looked back at me and said do what you want i put some soap on my finger and slipped it in her ass she gasped as I shoved it all the way in i rubbed my cock up her ass cheeks before telling her to get on her knees and suck me off, she took every drop of spunk i had and licked me clean . I took her into the bedroom lay her on the bed and licked her pussy till she couldn't take anymore . I have told her next time I am gonna fuck her in the ass...she seemed to like the idea.