Written by Genuine Photographer

13 Jun 2016

Hi I have written about my photographic experiences before, all these stories are true I don't give Bull as it's not worth it, and I'm not like that, I always give all models my full respect, I wouldn't have it any other way, people should be respected, especially with what I do, I have shot in Hotel rooms, peoples homes and on locations, I'm always alone with my models and some are naked for most of the shoot.

This is no exception, this is true and happened about two years ago, I advertise on various sites and even in shop windows at times for models to work with, it brings some response from ladies who fancy trying it, but not as much as I would like to be honest, most shoots come from my own website and modelling sites I am on.

I was on a site that I advertise on and spotted an advert for a lady doing children's makeovers and thought this could be interesting, for no other reason than to try and make some extra money shooting the children before and after, I've had all the CRB checks carried out but still would never photograph a child or anyone under 18 without an adult being present, so I contacted Lisa who was running these makeover parties and chatted about the idea, she thought it was a good idea and would consider it, anyway time went by and we were still mailing and I asked Lisa to send me a photo of herself, which she willing did and to my surprise she was a very attractive lady, at a guess around 35 to 40, which turned out to be right, she was 39 about a dress 12 to 14 and she told me she recently had a boob job, I asked her for a peep as you do, but she declined which was fair enough, our mailing was going on for about a year before I eventually had a shoot with her.

As I said our mailing was going back and fourth for about a year and she told me she had now finished with the makeovers as she wasn't making any money, I said how sorry I was to hear that, I then said as she was no longer doing these makeovers maybe she should consider a photo-shoot with me, She said she would think about it but didn't know, and what would I expect her to do, as usual my reply was you choose, and whatever you choose will be fully respected, she said she would think about it.

We kept mailing then one day she was really down and I asked her what was wrong, oh it's my partner being a complete twat she said, well look cheer yourself up I'm free tomorrow let your hair down and enjoy this photo-shoot, to my surprise that's a great idea she said why not what time, she was about 40 minutes away from me, so I said 10 o'clock, that's great gave me her phone number which I rang and spoke to Lisa for the first time, we discussed what we would shoot clothed to underwear, but I don't know about topless, that's fine you decide, she gave me her postcode and it was all set.

I started of earlier as I was going around the M25 and what a nightmare that was, I arrived a little before 10 and gave Lisa a quick ring, I'm all ready she said I will meet you at the door, sure enough Lisa opened the door in her dressing gown a little kiss on the cheek and I went in, we had a nice cup of coffee and a chat to break the ice, what do we shoot first, so I suggested clothed something she feels nice in, OK of she went to change and I stayed downstairs to sort my gear and move bits that wouldn't look good in the frame, Lisa returned wearing a lovely short white tight dress and about 8 or 9" above the knee, we shot a good number in the lounge using the settee and when she sat down her dress was up to her bottom, she also had a lovely big mirror on the wall which also came in handy you can get some nice shots using a mirror, after shooting a good number Lisa suggested the bedroom shots, that's fine you go and get ready I will sort my stuff just call when you are ready to go.

After a few minutes I'm ready, OK I will be up, as I walked in the bedroom Lisa was laying on the bed with a lovely outfit on and stockings and suspenders, she looked absolutely lovely and her bed was to die for, it had such an unusual headboard I have never seen one as nice, so we started shooting in various poses she was very good at taking direction and also doing her own thing, which is nice, I suggested just lowering her straps on her top, as she did her boobs popped out, oh well might as well carry on now she said with a smile, having a boob job they looked very firm, not that I touched them I'm not like that but about 20 minutes into the bedroom shot she said can I have a look at some, so I said yes, she came up behind me and lent over my shoulder her breathing was very shallow and her boobs pressing into my back, we then carried on shooting and by now we had shot around 350 frames, Lisa suggested stopping for a drink, so we went down stairs and had a drink and another coffee and a chat, this is where I missed out being a complete plonker, after we drank our coffee Lisa said how many photos have you got, I said around 350 frames which is enough really we will have some good ones, are you sure she said we could go back to the bedroom and do some more if you want, what did I say ? Brain not engaged at all, I said Oh I think we have enough really, it wasn't until I left and thought about her shallow breathing her boobs being pressed into my back, then asking for more shots in the bedroom, that I realised what I had probably missed out on that day, as I always say it has to be full respect, but I still think this was an invitation for fun in her bedroom, especially as she enjoyed the shoot so much, and the fall out with her partner and I always have a good laugh which cheered her up, , but I suppose I will never know if it was or wasn't.