Written by D Woolley

30 Nov 2017

Another Panty Party

Leanne had been invited to another of those panty parties, the ones where they all seem to get a bit drunk and buy a load of sexually charged items, yes they’re the ones. This time at, Pauline’s, the friend of Sammy’s who was at the last party.

The same arrangement as before, I would drop her off outside the house and then go and fetch her home when the party broke up, usually about ten. I dropped her off outside Pauline’s and waited until the door was answered, Pauline stepped out of the door to give me a wave, she was wearing a nice short, tight dress with dark, I hoped stockings, and high stiletto heeled shoes that she could hardly stand up in. I wound down the window and said hello to her and to tell Leanne to call me as soon as the party was breaking up. As Leanne stepped into the house she turned to me with her arms under her bust, to give them a jiggle for me.

As I was about to pull away I saw Sammy’s husband’s car pull up and Sammy climbed out, with a flash of knickers and plenty of bare leg on show. She looked even more lushes than the last time I saw her. I’d fucked her and Pauline together, in front of Leanne on that occasion and was hopeful for tonight.

Pauline’s husband had left her with a daughter a few years ago. I always thought that it was a shame to see that gorgeous body going to waste and I had found out a few months ago what a good fuck she was. What with those soft and smooth thirty-four D tits, with their big hard nipples.

I drove home and I had the beginnings of a stiffy already coming on. I sat waiting patiently for Leanne to call, anticipating what could happen and so hopeful that something will. I just couldn’t concentrate on the TV. So when my phone rang I answered it within a second. “You where quick getting that.” Leanne said. “We’re about ready if you want to come and fetch me.” I was sat in the car before she had rung off.

As I got to Pauline’s I saw that John’s car, Sammy’s husband was there before me, so I didn’t think that she was going to be involve with anything that may happen tonight. I rang the doorbell and Pauline came to the door and all but dragged me into the hall and kissed me hard and passionately as she threw her arms around my neck. I knew my luck could well be in there tonight.

We went through to the others; Leanne was sat in an arm chair with her legs out, John was sat in another chair with Sammy sat on his lap. I say sat she was more sprawled across him and the chair. One leg was out straight with her foot on the floor and the other was over the arm of the chair, giving me a nice look at about two inches of bare leg at the top of her stockings. Pauline went to get me a coffee from the kitchen.

Some of the stuff that had been for sale was still on the table. The usual things; vibraters, paddles, knickers and a butt plug or two.I went to sit with Leanne, but at that moment Pauline came back into the room with coffee for me. I was directed onto the settee and so I sat there with my drink and Pauline sat down very close to me. Sammy and John got up to go and Sammy came over and kissed me, not in the way one would kiss an uncle either and then John steered her out of the door.

As soon as the front door closed Pauline took my coffee from me and placed it on a side table and then threw herself onto me with her knees on each side of me rubbing her crutch into mine. “Wait, let me take my Viagra.” I said. I took the packet out of my pocket. And I quickly washed one down with a swill of my drink.

Leanne came over and started to help me out of my cloths and having taken off my t shirt she began helping Pauline out of hers. It didn’t seem to take long for all three of us to be naked with Pauline again sat astride me and Leanne on the floor between my feet licking and sucking my cock and balls.

I was having a good old feel at Pauline’s tits and bending my head down to suck a hard nipple into my mouth. Leanne then eased Pauline up so that she could give me a proper suck. Pauline’s tits were right in my face now she was knelt up, which suited me fine and I began to make a meal of them biting and sucking her nipples in turn.

Leanne took her mouth away and held my dick as Pauline sat back down onto it. That was the sexiest thing that had ever happened to me, my wife guiding my stiff prick into another woman’s cunt. Pauline forced herself down until every inch of me was tight up her and then lifted herself up almost to the end and then dropping back down.

I placed my hands onto her hips and worked her back and forth, she was moaning deep in the back of her throat. Mean time Leanne was still licking and sucking on my balls and occasionally licking up Pauline’s bum crack to her little back hole. I felt Pauline tense up a bit and then I realized that Leanne was pushing her fingers into her arse tightening up her already tight hole and pressing my knob forward onto her g spot. Pauline came with a sudden shudder and a gush of come wet my balls, which Leanne licked clean for me straight away.

I had Pauline stand up and turn around, and then as she sat back down I guided my rampant prick to the entrance of her bum. She hesitated a little at first, but soon had it all up there easing herself up and down on it. Leanne had taken one of the vibrators from the table and slid it into Pauline’s wet cunt before turning it on to a gentle hum. She was coming in seconds with Leanne licking at her clit, it was no surprise. Leanne continued licking up Pauline’s body, giving her tits a good sucking before kissing her as she came again.

I knew that if we continued like this I would soon come and so I lifted Pauline off me and lay down on the sofa. Leanne took control of my cock and sat down on it, with her legs either side of me. Pauline sat on my face and almost smothered me, but what a way to die. Leanne and Pauline were taking turns sucking one another’s tits and both came a least twice. As Leanne ground herself down onto me as she came and Pauline flooded my face with juice I came, the most powerful I can remember for a long time.

After we had got our breath back, we sat drinking coffee naked on the settee. We all agreed it had been good and Pauline is coming to stay with us for a week-end the next time her daughter goes to stay with her dad, in about a fortnight. I am so looking forward to that week-end and had better not have any sex until then.

I will let you know how it all goes, if I survive the week-end.