Written by Peter A

8 Jun 2014

Following on from my recent true submission, I would like to tell you about our last night staying at the hotel in London.

My wife was dressed in a top and skirt, the one with a zip all the way to the waist. She had on her red bra, and matching 8 strap suspender belt, with black seamed stockings.

After a lovely meal at a fancy restaurant, we moved onto a couple of pubs and we were by now a bit tipsy.

I'd got my wife to gradually move the zip higher all the time to a little over half way. Her suspenders were still covered when walking along but whenever she sat down there was a strong possibility of the clips showing.

When we got on the tube, I could see a black guy sitting opposite her who I clocked watching her seams when she got on, desperately trying to see between her legs. He couldn't resist staring for a second when she crossed her legs.

As we were approaching the hotel along a busy, well-lit street, she suddenly stopped and said, 'I need to sort this out'.

So she pulled her skirt to one side and did up one her front suspenders that had come undone. Her suspenders, stocking tops and panties were all on view to the guy walking towards us, no more than a few feet away. I saw him take a look then look away.

When we got up to the room she said that she did it on purpose because she knew how much I'd enjoyed showing her off to the taxi driver a couple of days before.

After having another couple of drinks we were really getting a bit drunk now. So despite the fact that there was an apartment block directly opposite our room, I took off her top and skirt so she walked around in her red satin underwear.

When we got on the bed I think we could still be seen by anyone in the rooms opposite, level and above.

Probably (no definitely) down to the drink I slipped her panties downand put them on just before fucking her. This is something I've never done before.

Just as I'd got my cock into her I whispered into her ear, should we have invited the guy she flashed to up to our room? At this she came before I'd even started fucking her.

Absolutely 100% true and I hope those that enjoy hearing about a real event liked me sharing it.