Written by kitten45

14 May 2013

After all the nice comments I got after my last post I decided to tell you another of my experiences. Also totally true only the names and identifying details have been changed for obvious reasons.

As I said before I work in one of the uniform professions. I was on an early shift this time. About 5:00 in the morning. We had gone out to a job that turned out to be rather sad. The police and fire where there. cut a long story short I was left on scene with a rather dishy young police officer while my crewmate and his went to sort some things out. The scene hsppened to be an abandoned warehouse. It was still dark and just a little bit creepy. James ( the police officer) and I were chatting having a laugh when we heard a noise from one of the floors above. James daid he was going to take a look. Well there was no way I was going to stay on my own in a creepy old wearhouse so I went with him. " dtay behind me he said" being all matcho as we went up the stairs. At this point I have to admit I was a little scared so I kept very close to him ckose enough to smell his aftershave, he smelt very sexy and as I followed him I couldn't help noticing how good his bum looked in his uniform trousers. We had a look round but couldn't see anything and put the noise down the wind and an old building. We were just deciding to go back down the stairs when a cat shot out between some rubble and scared the shit out if me. I squeeled like a girl. James started to laugh which made me a little angry. " it's not funny I nearly wet my pants" he then turned and gave me a big hug " yhen you would have had to take them off" he said. I looked up at him his arms still round me protectively, I had done a few jobs where James had been there and had caught him looking at me once or twice, so I decided to have a bit of a flirt as we were on oir own.

" would you loke that? For me to take my panties off" I teased. " oh yes" he said. Then suddenly he kissed me long and deap. Omg I couldn't believe it there I was in the middle of a deserted wearhouse being kissed bit this hunk. Especially after the job we had just done ( which hadn't been pleasent )

We seemed to kiss for ages his tongue exploring my mouth and vise versa. His hand then slipped down my back and he cupped my arse and pulled me close I could feek his erection through his trousers, well by now my panties were soaking wet. So I told him, he slipped his hand down the front of my trousers parted my lips and started to rub my clit, my legs began to shake slightly but I adjusted my stance to give him better access, he then alternated between finger Fucking me and rubbing my clit. He moved behind me without removing his hand from between my legs and started kissing my neck and with his other hand he slipped it down my shirt and squeezed my nipple hard, I couldn't take much more I came all over his hand just as we heard the coroners van pull up outside. We quickly rearrange our uniforms and went back down stairs, as the coroner was looking at the scene and asking questions James kept flashing secret smiles at me and even licked his fingers when no one was looking. I was still soaking wet and very horny

The coroner told James to take me back to my station to do the statements and paperwork. While the scene was secured. So I jumped into his van and we went back to the station. When we got there it was deserted all the crews where out. He looked at me I looked at him " do you want to carry on where ee left off" he grinned at me cheekily. In answer I started to undo my uniform top and walked towards the ladies locker room as it had a lock on the door, and dutifully he followed me. By this time I was so turned on and randy.

I locked the door behind us he came up behind me and kissed my neck and played with my boobs through my shirt. " stop" I said grinning " strip for me " he looked a bit shocked at first but then grinned and dtsrted ti remove his uniform as I stood and watched him, wow he had a great body and an enormous cock. " your turn" he said so I stripped too. It felt so naughty and so horny being there at work naked. His cock rock hard and my pussy dripping wet.

I walk over to my locker, (for those that read my previous post you know I keep some toys in there) and pull out my clit clamp, James eye went wide " you horny bitch, what other toys have you got in there" so I show him, he takes out the vibrating bitt plug, can I use this he says looking slightly unsure for the first time, " yes of couse but please loob it well befor you put it in otherwise you will make me sore" I say." No I ment can you use it on me I have always wanted to tey one bit the wife wont" he looks down and I have to giggle because he is blushing and he looks so cute stood there butt naked with a masive hard on blushing to his roots.

I take it from him turn it on and rub it between my legs I am so wet thay it loobs it nicely, he stands there watching me looking slightly nervous. "Bend over" he does, I take his cock in my hand between his legs snd begin to stroke his as I place the plug against his butt hole, he moans a little, I slowly push very slowly giving his hole time to adjust and relax between each gentle push all the while stroking his cock until the whole thing is fully in, I walk round so I'm in feont of him, " how does that feel" he hss a look of extreme concentration on his face, " are you ok" I ask. "Yes im trying so hard not to come, if I don't take you now I'm going to come on the floor" he breaths heavy. So I bend over present him with my back side. And he slips into me doggy style and straight away starts to pound me hard and fast. He doesn't last long bless him but I didn't expect him to by the look on his face after the butt plug went in. He shot his losd into me with a load grunt and pulled out and fell to his knees panting cum still leaking from his cock his body still shaking. I hold him for a min or two while the shaking subsides.

"Iv never cum like that before ever" he manages to say between gasps.

I take the plug out for him we clean up composed ourselves and got dressed and went back to work.

I dont know if we will ever repeat what happened that day. But I still see james on jobs now and agsi and he always smiles and has a flirt with me