Written by D Woolley

18 May 2017

Sunday morning started with a text from John, “Who the fuck is John.” I asked Leanne. “The block with the big cock we’re meeting in Caerphilly later.” Leanne Replied. “Just as well he text, I’ve been thinking his name was Dave.” I laughed. “So had I.” Leanne said. We showered and went down for breakfast.

As we went to check out of the hotel was when we got our next surprise. “We have noticed that the room was booked in your name, but pay for by a card belonging to someone else.” The lady at reception said. “Therefore we can only surmise that you have been using the room for the purpose of prostitution or putting it to some other immoral use. Therefore we have no alternative but to bar you from this establishment and I doubt very much if you will be able to book any other hotel in the Cardiff bay area.” She went on. Poor Leanne I could see that she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. Oh well looks like we will have to go elsewhere in future.

We put our things in the car and drove off to Caerphilly. We spent the day doing touristy things and had lunch then booked into our hotel in Crossways. We met John in the pub next door as we did last time and we were very careful getting past reception with him, we didn’t want to be banned here as well.

Leanne was all too eager to get down to business and threw herself on John as soon as the room door closed. They were tearing at one another’s cloths and were soon on the bed naked. They rolled around kissing passionately with John rubbing his fingers in and out of Leanne’s pussy, not that she needed much turning on.

Soon he was laid between her legs with his bum bouncing up and down in a steady rhythm, Leanne moaning and sighing as she came and came on his monster cock. For the next forty or so minutes they shagged in every position they could think of. Eventually Leanne sat astride him with his prick imbedded in her. I knelt on the bed behind her and tried to feed my cock into her arse, but with the cock she had in her she just couldn’t take any more and so I sat back and waited for them to finish. I didn’t have long to wait as with a loud groan John came and Leanne collapsed onto him panting. I took my chance and pulled Leanne down the bed a little and lay on her back and fucked her until I came.

John wasn’t doe yet though and as I sat back down, he lifted Leanne back up the bed and the whole process carried on for the best part of an hour, Leanne was truly and totally knackered at last and barely had the strength to kiss John good night as he left. I covered her with the bed cloths and went down to the bar for a drink.

Home in the morning and a good rest. I don’t think Leanne will need a shag for at least a month.