Written by M x

30 Mar 2016

We have all seen them, ads that say "come fuck the missus", or how ever they are phrased. I saw one that said it was 2 miles from me so I thought why not make contact; it usually results in no answer, but so what.

I wrote saying how interested I was and could he tell me more. Well, John responded and said his wife knew nothing of the ad and he wasn't sure if she would go along with it but he was keen to see her fucked by another guy. Was I still interested? Thinking this was just another waster I nearly didn't respond, but the devil in me decided to play along for a while. He corresponded about how she was a bit straight and a prude, but she wore stockings when they went out and loved sex when at home and once he had fucked over a farmers gate. All interesting and very much like someone wanking over a fantasy.

After a month of two and fro mails I said do you want to meet for a drink? And to my surprise he said yes, he was free that night and suggested a pub. It was very local to me, in fact it was straight across the road, so I said I could just about make it there in 30 minutes if he was genuine. 30 minutes later a nervous, normal looking guy walked in to the beer garden. As it was afternoon I was the only one there so asked if his name was John. It was.

It turned to be his local too. We chatted about work, weather, other pubs etc. He said his wife was meeting him there for a meal after work. I suggested we continued to chat like old mates meeting up again. And after an hour and some his wife pulled in to the carpark and waved to him. Up he shot to meet her, and a few minutes later with fresh deinks all round he came back out and introduced her.

Helen, was gorgeous. 5'10" in heels, blond loose hair, a pencil skirt and flowered blouse, and a genuine friendly smile. She listened to us chat and wanted to know when we had last met. John answered without batting an eyelid and she accepted it. As it was time for food I made my excuses and went home, across the road.

Anyway to cut a long story short John text me to say she had said how nice I was. he also asked if I wanted to pop round to his over the weekend and help him with some garden project. I said yes and went round at 10am on the Saturday. When I got there he had just popped out, but Helen was pottering round cleaning up in tight jeans and a thin tee-shirt and looked stunning. She mad e me a coffee, whilst we waited, and chatted. She asked me what I did for a living now and as a joke I said masseur., she laughed and said my hands were too big, but if I really was a masseur she would love to have one. John , she said was always saying he would love to get her a personal masseur but he was all talk and no action - was I the same she asked. I assured her I wasn't and if she wanted me to prove it then she needed to say when. "Now" she announced. "Ok", I said "where?" And she led me up stairs to the bedroom.

Undressing down to her underwear she lay on the bed face down and said warm your hands first, there is body cream on the bedside table. I poured cream into my hands and starting at her ankles started to massage her. I felt her slowly relax, I massaged up to her buttocks and went under her nickers and she slightly opened her legs to let me massage her thighs. When I turned to her back I undid the bra and massaged her back and shoulders. She sighed and said how nice it was. I asked her if she wanted her front done and she rolled over, removing her bra completely. As I started to massage from her feet again she asked if I would undress as well. I was out of my clothes like lightening and fully naked with a slightly hardening cock I started to massage again. Again when I reached her nickers I gently went into them and massaged right up to her pussy, pushing my luck I ran ma finger down her pussy lips, she sighed and said remove the fucking material as she wanted fingering. I lifted her lower back and slid the material down and then she lifted her legs to allow me to pull them down. Showing me an already wet pussy. I fingered her lips and dipped my head to lick her clit, her hands clamped on to my head nearly suffocating me ash she screamed through and orgasm, bucking onto my mouth, pushing my face tighter in to her pussy. As she came down from where ever she had flew she relaxed her hands and I pulled away for breath. She lay there as I sat up and she saw how hard my cock had got. She smiled and slid down to kiss the head and then swallow it, I let her nibble the foreskin, suck the head and lick it fro base to head. Whilst holding it in a vice like grip, as if I would take it away from her. She said John used to suggest she meet another guy, but she wasn't interested, so he had stopped asking. And laughed that he was out whilst I was about to fuck her. I pulled away, lifted her legs and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt, she couldn't move and I sat there just putting gentle pressure on her cunt. She just lay there and in a firm voice said "for fucks sake fuck me".

I rammed so hard in to her she gasped and screwed her face in pain or concentration, and then I just slowly started to fuck her hard and deep she cried and begged me to continue. I just kept the hard rhythm going, slowly gaining speed. I them pulled out and tolled her over onto her knees and rammed back into her from behind. I watched her bum hole winking at me with each push. So I licked my thumb and placing it over it pushed it in as I thrust deep, she just squealed through about 7 orgasms before she seemed to collapse and I poured my cum in to her.

Just then I heard the key in the front door and John had come home.