Written by brian10kane

9 Aug 2013

Hi I must tell all. This is a true event that happened 3 weeks ago in Portugal. My name is Brian my wife is Marjory she has long blond hair which most of the time wares up ,She is 52 but has been told often that's she looks early 40s . Marg has the most lovely body but the best bit of all is her Tits they are 36ff and she likes to show them off . Now to what went on it is still fresh in my mind as it was only a couple of weeks ago . We went for a 7 day break away to get some sun .For the first 3 days we just lay by the pool. Marg did not go topless at first but was still getting a lot of attention from guys around the pool even the waiters were coming out for a good look at those 36ffs,on the Thursday we went into town someone said there was a really a good market Marg was dressed in a white bra white blouse and a pair of red shorts . After only about 1 hour it started to rain and I mean rain it was a downpour thunder and lighting the lot ,we ran for a shop and stood in the doorway . a man in his late 60s opened the door and invited us in he said his name was Georgo and his brother was called Lusi ,Marg was soaking wet that she looked like something out of a miss wet t-shirt contest . was very big and very busy as lots of people had com in for shelter as we had done Luis took me to one side of the shop and his brother went with Marg .After 15 minutes the rain started to ease we said our goodbyes and were about to leave when Georgo asked if we could come back that night when the shop would be empty and he could show us around .On the back to the hotel Marg said Georgo had been touching her up all the time we had been in there shop he had been feeling her tits and bum I was really turned on and asked her if she wanted to go back that night ,the answer I got was wait and see . Buck at the hotel we got changed for dinner as you could not ware jeans or shorts .Marg had a long hot bath and 3 large glasses of wine and one whisky and I knew we were in for some fun . She dressed for dinner in black lace half-cup bra black silk blouse black seamed stockings red leather skirt and to seal it all black 6ins heels. As soon as we walk in she was getting looks from the guys at dinner. Once dinner was over we walked into town

found a bar and had a couple of more drinks by this time Marg was quite tipsy we then headed for the antique shop when we arrived lusi opened the door once inside he said Georgo had stepped out for some wine . Luis asked if we would like to see round the shop I said ok but marg said she would just stay where she was by this time she was a little bit drunk, Luis took me up to the very back of the shop to show me this and that ,I then headed a noise coming from the front where Marg was going back I could not believe what I was seeing there was Georgo with Marg blouse fully opened and kissing her tits when he saw me he stopped and looked at me I told him it was ok he then off Margs blouse and red leather skirt and last thing to come off was her bra ,when the two of them stood back and looked at her they started to ramble in Portuguese they pulled a long table out to the middle of the floor and the two guys striped they were both very big I would say about 8 or 9ins ,Marg was by this time wanking both of them and I had also taken my cock out too Georgo lifted her onto the table and started to fucked her luis came over to the side and put his cock in her mouth . Georgo came deep inside her now it was luis turn .He must have fucked her for over 20 minutes before he to came by this time Georgo was hard again and bent her over doggie this went on for the next 3 hours I must have came 5 or 6 times watching them fucking my wife . At the end we had to call a taxi to take us the 10 minutes drive as Marg could barely walk in the taxi the spunk was running down her stocking legs and all over her tits when we got back I fucked her for the rest of the night .We now have a set of antique scales to remember us of that night in portugal