Written by SW Delightful

4 May 2008

A few months ago we met up with a chap off S/H near Wadebridge, Cornwall.

He was a well-mannered, well-spoken, smartly dressed individual and I thought he will be a regular bloke for the wife. We don\'t like old t-shirts and jeans.

We all had a drink, they got on well. She let him look down the top of her dress and they left ahead of me to go back to the car park.

When I got back to them I was surprised to see them in a clinch. They were snogging alongside the car just out of sight of the pub. I watched and she was really enjoying it even though she said she wouldn\'t ever snog with another bloke.

I took a couple of pictures as he put his hand up her dress from behind and lifted it to show me he was groping her ass. She opened her legs slightly for him to have a good feel and he did. Good turn on!

They carried on snogging and she was getting more and more turned on by it. He had undone her button-down-the-front dress and was cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples. He was doing an extremely good job and she was gasping, her nipples are v sensitive and she cums by them times.

I took close-ups of tongues, his hands feeling her fanny and rolling her nipples, cupping her breasts. She groped him through his trousers.

Then she looked up saying, \'We\'d better go somewhere. I\'ll go with this chap, he knows a place in the woods. You follow.\'

I told him to get her to do what ever he wanted when she was in his car, you know lift her skirt and flash, play... as they drove.

That\'s what happened, I followed them watching through the back window of his car as she wriggled in her seat. I couldn\'t actually see her legs but could see her head and sometimes arm moving so knew she was splaying her legs and letting him have a good look at her pussy.

She said later, he had told her to open her dress all the way down and show her breasts as well. Big turn on driving behind someone who you know is making your wife do wild stuff. She had to take his cock out and play with it too.

We drove for about fifteen minutes and parking near some woods, they got out and walked up the old track.

I followed and watched as he got his hand up her dress and showed me he was feeling her ass again.

When he felt they were far enough in, they stopped and snogged some more. He had her dress open feeling her breasts and sucking her nipples from time to time. Making sure I was getting a good look. Then he started frigging her and she was loving it gasping and sqeezing his hand.

Next, he takes her dress right off so my wife is stood there naked in front of him and he tells her to take his cock out.

She does and plays with it as they\'re snogging deep throat and he gets her to sink to her knees where she starts to deep throat his cock instead of his tongue.

I\'m taking pics of my wife stark naked in the woods, on her knees, giving lip service to this guy and making a big show of loving rolling her tongue over his nob and licking his shaft before deep throating him again and again.

Then he gets her to lie on a blanket he\'s brought and goes down between her thighs and muffs her for a while before kneeling back up and putting his cock in her mouth for some more.

I come alongside and feel her fanny and tits then when he pulls out of her mouth, I kiss her and put my cock in for her to work on while he plays with her fanny as she wanks his cock while sucking mine.

More muffing and he lies her back and she splays her legs wide and in the air for him as he mounts her and covers her, I catch hold of his cock and guide him in and watch as it slides in deep. I watch him slithering in and out and her gasping and cumming as he does so. His balls start slapping her ass as he speeds up.

We spit-roast her and swop positions for him to get sucked and me to bonk her then the other way.

I move off and leave them to it watching from behind some trees. I was hoping a dogger or two might come along and discover them but it didn\'t happen.

When he\'s finished they walk back to the car and I see him feeling her ass under her dress from time to time as they walk along.

They have a snog, he gets her boobs out and shows me he\'s got her nipples long and rubbery again while he\'s having a feel then we say goodbye.

Excellent stuff only prob was he did cum too quickly and she would have liked a bit more penetration but he was a nice chap so that helps make it a good experience.

We have done similar things on spec and had four blokes all clamouring for her attention.