Written by harry hardon

5 Sep 2016

Being retired I have plenty of time on my hands. I like to trawl the local charity shops , boot sales and jumble sales. One day I went into one of my usual charity shops to see if there was anything worth buying, and noticed a new lady at the counter. I could not help but notice, she was not like the usual staff . I reckoned she was in her sixties, but elegantly dressed in a slim fitting dress that a woman would wear to go somewhere smart. In particular I could not help but notice she was wearing black high heel shoes and black tights or stockings . She had fantastic legs.

She caught me looking , so I smiled and complimented her saying that she looked very elegant . She answered, said thank you, it was her first day . We chatted for a while, she said she was going to be doing two days a week. I said that I would make a point of coming in those days.

About two weeks later I happened to be sitting outside a coffee shop near her charity shop at about 4.30 in the afternoon. I saw her come out and lock the door . As she walked past me she saw me and smiled , so I invited her to join me for a coffee.

She sat and we chatted easily. She told me she was a widow , had decided to downsize , sold her house in London and moved to this area. I asked which part of town, and she told me the road, the new flats.

She finished her coffee and said she had to go, she was expecting her sister later and had shopping to do. Then she said that I was welcome to call in and see her anytime. I said " even if your sister is there ? " to which she replied no , better when I am alone. I suggested the next afternoon , she said yes, about 3 o'clock, flat 22 .

The next day I got there bang on time , expecting just to have coffee and a chat with this very elegant lady.

She let me in , led me through to the kitchen-diner , offered me a drink . I said coffee would be nice.

She made no move to make coffee. Instead she asked if I would kiss her.

So I gave her a soft slow kiss, no tongues , just lips. My first thoughts were how nice she tasted . So I carried on kissing her, getting more passionate, put my hand onto the back of her head and my arm around her waist. She was not resisting , in fact she was pushing her body against mine.

I needed to know where this was going, what she was going to allow. So I brushed my hand lightly over her breast, trying to touch her nipple. It succeeded, she sort of jumped. I thought she was going to say stop, but instead she said " oh my god, it is so long since anyone touched me " . I took that as a sign to carry on. So I started flicking my thumbs over both nipples, and caressing her breasts. She was clearly getting very turned on.

I put my feet between hers, and pushed my crotch against her , all the while playing with her breasts, and still kissing her.

I rubbed my crotch against her, moving, pushing, as if I were fucking her.

After a minute or so she pushed me away, grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom.

I went to undo the zip on her dress, but she said no . She took total control. She undid my trousers , took my cock out, and after feeling her soft hand I was already rock hard. She made me lie on the bed, then pulled her dress up over her hips. I got even stiffer when I saw her hold up stockings and the small black thong. Through the thin lace I could see a tidy triangle of hair . She pulled the thong to one side , then did something I have never seen a woman do . She used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart , letting me see the bright pink inner flesh glistening with juice . She put herself over my cock , and rubbed the tip of my cock with her pussy , before sliding down onto it.

She had her head tilted backwards and her eyes shut as she ground herself onto me, rocking faster and faster. I watched her neck and chest getting redder and redder. She was moaning quietly, gasping , clearly about to orgasm. I felt her pussy become creamier, juice was trickling over my balls. She did not stop , nor slow down, after her orgasm she carried on grinding until she gave herself another one, and then another .

She was red in the face and sweating by the time she rolled off me.

I gave her a few minutes to relax, then leaned over and kissed her .

I asked if we could now get undressed. She stood up and slowly undressed for me , until she was in only a bra, thong, stockings and heels. I had stripped off. My cock was sticking out , rigid from the excitement of the situation. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, squeezing my balls .

This posh, elegant lady that I hardly knew was giving me a fantastic blow job, and she knew how to do it.

She must have read my mind, when she stopped sucking and asked " would you like to fuck me now ? " .

My turn to be in control. I knelt her on the bed, and took her doggy style, cupping a breast in each hand. She reached around behind her and undid her bra. Only then did I realise how large and full her tits were. Each time I tweaked her nipples she seemed to grip my cock with her pussy. I could see her hands were gripping the bedspread , and by her moans I knew she was about to cum again. So I got hold of her nipples between my finger and thumb, and pushed my cock harder into her. I felt as much as heard her cum , which made me follow. I pumped my load inside her.

We lay side by side, catching our breathe, cooling down . I could not resist fondling her breasts, they were so full.

A few minutes passed , then she asked if I would like the coffee now .

I told her that I could wait, if she was up for another go.

She said I could have both, in fact I could stay for dinner, and breakfast .

Which I did.

As she went off to make the coffee she took from her bedside draw a blue pill, told me to take it as she was in the mood.

And she certainly was in the mood. I would never have expected that elegant lady from the charity shop to make me cum in her mouth , and swallow. Nor to be handing me a tube of KY so I could " fuck her arse " .

It seems ages ago that it all happened. I am so pleased that we met, in fact so pleased that we are now living together. She has lost none of her ' energy ' , and has an active imagination. She has introduced me to some of her lady friends, and I have had the pleasure of joining them in our bed.

Not bad for a couple of retired pensioners.