10 Aug 2019

I go twice a year for two weeks to Gran Canaria, once in April and again in October. I stay at the same hotel as it has a roof top solarium. My day normally starts after breakfast sunning myself on the solarium until lunch time and in the afternoon I go for a walk and a wander around the dunes of maspalomas.

I had set up my towel and arranged my lounger to catch the sun and was settling down to a quiet read when a couple set up opposite me. I watched intently from behind my sun glasses as they both stripped off. I would guess that they were around 45 yrs both about 5’6” he was slightly overweight, pink (been in the sun too long) small cock and balls. She was slim and attractive firm tits nice firm arse and a shaved smooth cunt.

He got on his lounger face down and buried his head into his arms. The lady who I later found out was called Sue (he was called Terry) sat on her lounger to apply sun tan lotion. This in its self was worth watching as, first she did her arms and shoulders she then moved on to her stomach moving up to her tits, her nipples seemed to grow a little as she applied the lotion, she next did her legs moving up to her cunt. She then laid down covering her eyes with a floppy hat. Show over I got back to reading my book.

After about an hour I decided to go down to the bar and get a couple of drinks. I had a drink at the bar and was chatting to a couple of guests, I finished my drink got two more to take with me up to the solarium.

Nothing interesting happened as I continued to catch a few rays and read my book. I was about to go for lunch when a shadow fell across me, it was Terry. He apologised for disturbing me and asked if I could keep an eye on their stuff as they were going to go for lunch, no problem I said. As I looked towards their sun loungers Sue was putting on her bikini top, she slipped into a small pair of black shorts no knickers, when she turned to face me her camel toe was clear to see, she then busied herself sorting out her bag whilst he slipped his shorts and tee shirt on. As they left she gave me a smile and wave.

About a hour later they returned Sue came and thanked me for watching their stuff, again she smiled, she sat on the vacant lounger next to me and we started to chat, she was asking all sorts of questions such as who I had come on holiday with, had I been down to the beach and dunes, that sort of thing. Whilst we were chatting Terry had moved their sun loungers around so that they were now facing in my direction. I made my excuses slipped into my shorts and tee shirt and said I was popping down to the bar, Sue asked if she could come with me as Terry didn’t want a drink and she didn’t fancy drinking on her own. We left Terry to keep an eye on our things and went down to the bar. We got a drink and sat at a table and continued to chat nothing sexual just day to day stuff like, what they did for a living, how long they had been married and about family they didnt have any kids as they had both concentrated on their careers. I told Sue I was divorced and had been for a long time and although I had had a few girlfriends nothing permanent had occurred, mainly because most of my girlfriends were married, she laughed at that and said I was naughty. Her tits wobbled nicely as she laughed and I was feeling the stirrings in my shorts as I watched them. After our drinks we made our way back to the solarium.

I stripped out of my shorts and tee shirt trying to hide my semi hard cock as I didn’t want to upset Sue who was looking my way as she stripped off. She watched me as I applied my sun tan lotion to myself, when I got to my cock I couldn’t resist wanking it for a few strokes, as I did so Sue seemed to nod and smiled. Terry was again laid on his stomach . I watched as Sue once again applied her lotion she seemed to spend a little longer on her tits and cunt as I watched, my hard on was now full on as Sue laid back with her legs slightly open giving me a great view of her glistening cunt. I decided to give my afternoon walk a miss and to enjoy what was on show. During the afternoon we were chatting to each other as though we had known each other for years it was mainly Sue that was doing the chatting, whilst she was chatting she would look at my cock.

As the afternoon moved on the solarium started to empty and eventually we were the only ones there. Sue turned over on to her stomach and asked Terry to put lotion on her back, he started at her shoulders and stopped when he was at her waist he then moved to her feet and legs moving up to her firm bottom. When he reached her bottom he looked across to me and parted her cheeks. I had a great view of her arse hole and cunt he kept looking at me as he slipped a finger into Sue’s cunt and started to finger fuck her. Sue responded by pushing onto his finger. It didn’t take Sue long to orgasm she let out a muffled groan and started to shake. Once the shaking had subsided Terry whispered something to her, at this point I was openly wanking I stopped when Terry removed his fingers from Sues cunt, Terry got up and slipped into his shorts and tee shirt and said he was going for a shower he hadn't seemed to have got a hard on as his cock was still small and flaccid. It wasn’t long after he left that Sue turned over and smiled at me, she apologised for what had just happened. I said she had no need to apologise as I enjoyed the view. She sat up and continued to chat. She asked me about the dunes and had I got up to anything when I had been wandering up and down. I told her I had watched a few couples and had played a few times, she asked me if I had been playing whilst watching what Terry was doing, and I told her I had. She again smiled and gave a little shudder. She said maybe I could watch again later, she then got up put on her top and skirt, gathered her belongings and said see you to me and with a smile and a wave she left.

This was only the start to fun few days if anyone interested will continue with what happened later