Written by star45

21 Feb 2008

We'd lived in our neighbourhood for nearly five years, we are both early thirties, I am 6"2 and fairly well built and Lucy is 5"11 with shoulder length brown hair,she has a natural tan to her skin which really compliments her good looks, she has long shapely legs with medium sized tits with nipples that always seem hard. It's a nice area and most of the neighbours were elderly and it is a quiet street. Our next door neighbours were Tony and Alison, a married couple about ten years older than us and the only other people similarly aged to ourselves. They like us had no children and had what looked like a good social life, we often chatted over the back fence and had been known to get together for a bbq or a few beers during the summer months. On a few occasions the talk would get around to sex and my wife Lucy once told me that Alison had told her Tony was very energetic in bed with a high sex drive and cock that would put most to shame. He was very sure of himself at all times and would sometimes appear arrogant and big headed, Alison on the other hand was totally opposite and was very well mannered and polite and non confrontational. In contrast our sex life had become a bit routine and less frequent and it started to seem harder to get Lucy in the mood. We went on like this for a few years until one night we changed bedrooms. We'd decided to decorate the bedroom and agreed we should move into the spare room so we didn't have to live around the rubbish and we could take our time. The first night we slept in the spare room we'd decided on an early night and were both nearly asleep when we were awoken by the noise of what sounded like Tony giving Alison the fucking of a lifetime, She was squealing and swearing and it sounded like they were going to come through the wall as he hammered away at her, This went on for about fifteen minutes, we were laughed and a bit shocked to be honest, partly at the language Alison was using and partly at how hard and how long Tony was fucking her. I reached between Alison's legs and she was as wet as i've ever felt her, I climbed on top of her and she came almost instantly with me spunking in about 30 seconds. As we lay recovering we heared Alison go through what must have been her third orgasm and Tony made a load sort of growling noise as he must have been filling her with his cum. We both just laid and listened and both agreed that we'd never look at the two of them in the same light again and fell asleep.

The next night bedtime couldn't come quick enough as we both silently hoped for a repeat performance. Neither of us mentioned it but i knew i wanted to hear them again and Lucy seemed more intimate and turned on than usual and as i climbed the stairs i had a feeling that it was going to another sexy night. We lay in bed for what seemed like ages with not so much as a peep coming from next door, i asked lucy if she was disappointed not to here Tony and Alison at it again but she said she wasn't bothered, i asked her what she'd really thought of the previous night and she admitted that it'd turned her on to hear our normally mild mannered neighbour getting her brains fucked out and using language that she'd never have thought possible from Alison. she told what Alison had confided to her about Tony having a high sex drive and that according to Alison he had a cock to match. I asked her if she thought of them differently after what we'd heard and she said she'd thought of Tony differently ever since Alison told her about his cock and high sex drive. She then told me of a few times when she'd been at home and Tony was on shifts and they'd chat in the garden. She said it felt as if he was coming onto her but she didn't say anything as she couldn't be sure and she may have been imagining it. The thought of her being chatted up got my cock hard although i've never really thought of her like that before, i reached across and she was nice and wet again, i snuggled up behind her so my cock was against her arse and pussy, she knew what i wanted and adjusted her position so i could enter her from behind. As i slowly started to fuck her i asked her again about Tony, She said he'd wear tight shorts and was very complimentary about her figure and told her he wished he could get his hands on a body like that, she said it looked at times as if his cock was hard in his shorts as she could see the full outline, she confessed to immediately thinking of what Alison had told her, i asked her if she got turned on looking at it and she said yes she had and hoped i wasn't angry, I told her i was a bit pissed off at the arrogant bastard thinking he can hit on my wife but not to worry, i wouldn't say anything, Now secretly i found it arousing and fucked Lucy harder, as we fucked i asked her if she wished my cock was as big as Tony's and she said yes, right at that moment we both came together and i emptied what felt like gallons into her. We lay in the same position and cuddled up to sleep.We followed this pattern over the next few weeks, when Tony and Alison fucked we would lay and listen then fuck after they'd finished and on the nights they didn't fuck we'd lay in bed and play with eachother and discuss Tony's cock and how he knew how to use it, This turned us both on and it would always result in us both cumming.

Several weeks later Alison was visiting her sister for a couple of days but Tony had to stay at home as he had to work. I thought of inviting him round as he was alone for a few drinks so while Lucy was out i popped round and asked him, He seemed surprised but said thanks and he'd be round about 8. I rang Lucy and told her the arrangement but i'd forgotten she was going out with some old school mates and she told me to cancel and rearrange another time and day with him. When i explained to Tony he was fine and said he'd soon find something else to do. Anyway the day passed and Lucy went out and i joined a few mates down at the local, we had a few beers and caught up on each others lives and what had been going on. I told them about hearing our neighbours fucking and we all had a good laugh at it but i didn't tell them what me and Lucy had been up to while we listened. Anyway the night drew to a close and we all went our separate ways, i walked home and got in about midnight, Lucy rang to say she'd be going to a club and not to wait up, i told her to enjoy herself and went to bed. I was in bed about 20 mins when i heard Tony come home in what must have been a taxi. While the cats away and all that i thought. He was soon up in his bedroom and it sounded as if he was talking to someone, he must have been out on the pull the arrogant twat, Before long i could hear the familiar sounds of him fucking someone, He seemed to be more vocal than usual and was calling this woman a slut and whore and telling her to take his full length, he was telling her to get on her knees and beg for more of his gorgeous cock, i could just make out a female voice but couldn't hear what she was saying, As soon as he went back to fucking her i could hear her whimpering as he ploughed his cock into her and could even hear the slapping of skin on skin, He was telling her to suck his cock and balls and telling her what a good little cocksucker she was, then i was shocked to hear him telling her to lick his arse hole, i'd never imagine a woman doing that and couldn't beleive what the dirty bastard was making her do, I took my cock in my hand and wanked myself thinking about the fucking this woman was getting and the perverted things he was making her do, as his grunting got louder and her whimpers turned into near screams i shot my load all over my chest. After i'd recovered and the fucking next door had stopped i went and cleaned myself up. I got back in bed and listened as i heared Tony's stairs creak and shortly after the front door closing. I couldn't resist peeking out and seeing which dirty bitch he'd just fucked, When i looked out i couldn't beleive it was Lucy leaving his house. She shot a quick look upto our bedroom window and i darted back from the curtains. A full wave of emotions swept through me from jealousy,betrayal, shame , but most of all excitement. My cock was hard again and i jumped into bed while my thoughts settled. I had just wanked listening to our crude and ignorant neighbour fucking my wife like she was a slag and it was turning me on. I laid still waiting for her to come into our house, my heart was jumping out of my chest and after about 15 mins she crept in. She came straight upstairs and climbed in bed. I was unsure wether or not to say something but wasn't sure what i wanted to say, should i pretend to be angry, show her how turned on i was or just say nothing. I desided on the latter and went off to sleep with the sound of my wifes infidelty still ringing in my ears. This was only the start and if the feedbacks good i'll tell you what happened in the months following