Written by Jane

21 Sep 2011

Hi we are Steve and Jane, we have been playing for a few years but not a great deal we usually only meet couples , but on occasion I have had mmf meets which i did enjoy.

Anyway at the weekend we went to Blackpool to a club we hadnt been to before. After we had been shown round we chatted to a few people , some we knew from a club in blackpool we had been too before. We decided to have a look round peering into the rooms to see couples and guys in various stages of sex .

In one room there was a couple we knew with another couple they gestured for us to join them, and for the next hour I was licked fucked spitroasted , watched steve fucking and being sucked

After cleaning up we went back to the bar if nothing else happenned that night I was satisfied lol, but in the bar area there were two coloured guys, I have never fucked a black guy not for any reason other than the opportunity never arose.

Steve left me alone for a couple ominutes to chat to someone , and thats when one of the guys came over to chat to me , his name was Ash he was with his mate Jay and they were at lancaster university. Jay sooned joined us and Steve looked over seeing I was talking stayed where he was , 2 minutes later Steve had gone of with another couple for some fun.

Ash asked me if I minded steve playing without me , no I replied and anyway I might want to do the same !! 10 Minutes later we had found a room not being used once inside my clothes were of again , I was lying back in just Stockings and heels being kissed all over by two young black guys, Ive watched blue movies seen pics and heard friends say how big black guys cocks were , so when both guys stripped off I was surprised to see they were not too much differant to any other cock I had had. Ash was about 8 inches but thick and Jay was about a bit smaller but one thing they were was handsome cocks black shiny both uncut both needing to be sucked I lay them both back on the bed and in turns sucked there cocks , both guys had stunning bodies, I was in heaven, Jay got up and went behind me as I was sucking Ash ,jay started to lick my pussy fingering and rubbing my clit at the same time , every now and then he would flick his tounge over my bum hole mmmmm it was amazing and soon I was coming over his tounge.

This was the slide his cock up me forcing me down further onto jays cock, it takes a couple of seconds to get a rythmn going when you are being roasted but one there and in unison it is great, I could taste pre cum from ash and Jay was really fucking me hard slapping my arse calling me a slut, fingering my arse I forgot how many times I had cum , i could feel my juices running down my inner thigh onto my stocking tops, then the changed Ash slamming his cock up my now soaking pussy , I took Jays cock in my mouth tasting my own juices on his cock I was gone now just in fuck heaven, here I was a 49 year old woman getting roasted by two very young black guys and loving it. I could tell both guys were close to coming I knew Ash wasnt wearing a condom so I told them I wanted them to cum over my face and mouth. I dropped to my knees and both guys stood in front of me wanking, Jay came fist coating my tounge and coming on my tits then woosh Ash came , i have never seen so much cum he came in my mouth till i couldnt take anymore , dribbling it over my chin down onto my tits , in my hair I was covered, I was happy and I needed a shower !!!

After my shower I went back to the bar Ash and Jay had stayed to say goodnight and leave me there mobile numbers, just as they were leaving Steve came into the room I quickly introduced them and they left.

Did you have a good time Steve asked, mmmmm I will tell you about it at the hotel room.

I have spoke to Ash since the weekend we are going to meet them soon , I m trying to remain cool about it , but really I cant wait to have more black cock !!!!