Written by Jen

12 Nov 2013

I hit my all time low, last week.

Let me start at the beginning, I am 28, married, no children, size 12 …..ish, 34d boobs

I say married, we had a row, one of many, the marriage was never going to last, but I kept trying,

And at 28 I have a high sex drive, and he is very good in bed, maybe that is why I kept going back, anyway, after this particular row, I made the journey back to Mums again she had the usual 20 questions, which I was uncomfortable with, but then she was no roll model, having re-married 10 years ago.

Anyway on this occasion I had been at Mums for about three weeks, and had spent many a night masturbating in bed, I got a bit horny you see.

Anyway back to last week, my Stepdad was working from home, Mum had gone out,

He had asked how I was getting on with Steve, (my Hubby), and added that I wouldn’t stay single for long as I was very attractive and sexy !!!!! was he hitting on me?, he also said if I couldn’t find someone I should go and see him, as I have a great ass, I was shocked, and I should have put him down there and then, but I just put on a shy smile, and said I would make the tea, and gave my bum a little wiggle on the way out, I was dressed in jeans, sweatshirt, bra panties, and slippers.

Right I keep getting side tracked, I made the tea, and with a mug in both hands turned to head back into the lounge, what I saw next made my heart skip, there in the doorway, stood my stepdad trousers down cock out sporting a semi.

What happened next I will never forgive myself for, God knows where the tea went, but in an instance I was on all fours, sucking his cock, he placed his hand on the back of my head forcing me into his groin, his balls bouncing off my chin, he pulled his cock out of my mouth called me a dirty bitch and dragged me upstairs, we undressed each other, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, I was like an animal on heat, this guy is my Mums husband I was naked with him,

He pushed me down onto their bed, and started kissing my neck, down my body, and nibbling my nipples, they instantly stiffened, he carried on down, until his head was between my legs, and he was licking away at my pussy, I am ashamed to say I came on his chin, in an instant his cock was at the entrance to my pussy, Protection, i said, no he replied and pushed himself inside me, God it felt good, but ashamed too, he built up a steady rythmn,

Not as good as Steve, but when desperate! God was that what I had become?

We both came together, and just laid there for a few mins, he got up, mumbled an apology and headed for the bathroom, I too cleaned myself up, and went downstairs, to think how the hell I was going to look my Mum in the face, time to go make it up with Steve I think