Written by secrets

2 Sep 2007

A couple of days ago I told you about my arrogant neighbour who thinks he can use me whenever he wants (and does) well I think I have just gone too far now, I don't know whats becoming of me but I cant stop. If you read my last entry you will know my back ground and why this is not like me.I would like to think that out of guilt he has been doing some work in my house,in fact he is putting in a new bathroom for me.( although I doubt its guilt thats the reason). Can you believe my husband thinks he is a decent guy now, if only he knew.

When my hubby is away I like to wear my fav nightie, its gold and a very thin material,a bit tight but makes me feel sexy,my husband doesn't approve because it doesn't leave anything to the imagination so he thinks I got rid of it. I was being very lazy and still hadnt got dressed when the door bell rang at 8am, thinking it was the post man I ran down stairs and opened the door hiding behind it so I didn't give him a shock. To my surprise it was my neighbor and a young lad.Come to finish the bathroom he said as he pushed past. Your early & I am not dressed I argued, so what he said its how I like it. This young lad couldn't,t have been more than 18 just stood looking at my chest with his mouth open, told you she was fucking sexy as hell, put the kettle on. Little meek me did as I was told, this was the effect he was having on me, the two of them followed me into the kitchen, I was very aware that they where looking at me, look at that fucking arse bet you would love to shove your cock in that. The lad laughed, don't say things like that I shouted you said you wouldn't tell anyone, so fucking what was all he could say back, HE moved behind me and spun me round moving the straps of my nighty off my shoulders so it fell to the floor,Please dont touch me with the lad here I pleaded but he didnt listen, All I hear was the lad saying Oh shit,I covered my breasts with my hands, I wanted my

big rough neighbor to have me but this was going too far, but something inme also found it very erotic, haveing a young lad look at me like that. I was taken by the arm into the living room.fuck her the lad was ordered, are you sure you dont mind the lad said to me, at least he was a gentleman, of course she doesnt fucking

mind. Not needing to be told twice the lad pulled his tshirt off and dropped his trousers, his prick was a little small but very thick and already hard. I think whathappened next is called spit roasting, Iam not used to this but for the next half hour they took it in turns to have me. I was on my knees with one in my mouth and one in me form behind, thne they would change, I didnt know men could come so may times, I didnt know I could. They finished my laying me on my back and wanking all over me, I was soaking but had to wait until they connected the bath before I could wash it off. I am a bit worried about what was said when they where leaving, I asked my builder what would happen if his wife found out. He said she is justed pissed off big time that she isnt allowed to watch!

I am getting very stressed now. What do you think he means by that