Written by redbull14

29 Jun 2009

My Asian babe

I have met this lady who is so horny and like to have as much sex as us guys now that’s just what the doctor ordered, now let me tell you about how it all started,

We met about two years ago and the four of us had a bit of a swing for a while the chap fucked my wife and I have never seen her so weak and fulfilled he gave her 20 orgasms in one night im lucky to give her 20 in a month and yes it made me feel a bit inadequate but hay ho that’s another story.

Anyway we drifted apart and two years later the other lady has contacted me and boy she is hot just likes fucking anywhere anytime, anyway we arranged to meet up but as im married also not easy her husband has no issues with her fucking around but my lady well not sure at mo I will have to work on her I will try to get her old man to give her another 20 orgasms that might do the trick but I might see if we can all be in the same room this time and I can fuck her as well as him then we can fuck his wife and who knows the ladies might even get it on for a bit just for us guys.

So we met up but it was before a meeting so it was 6.15 am in a local park area with dog walkers etc, so we chatted and played around for a while with people passing all around us then she said lets get in the back so we did then she started, she knew what she wanted and there was no stopping her she had my cock out of my suit trousers and was sucking on it with gusto, she was wearing lycra shorts as she had cycled to meet me and a tight sports top showing her ample breasts I was feeling her up then she just stopped and took her shorts off and had smooth white panties on and a damp patch she was ready and it mattered not who was about or passing, at that she pulled my trousers down exposing me fully and I was as hard as fuck now.

Then with out warning she straddled over me pulled her panties to one side and slides her wet pussy all the way down my 7” cock I looked up at her and she was in sheer pleasure making all the right noises then started to pump up and down nice and slow, I reached around and started to feel her ass and fuck that hit the spot I started to push just the tip of my finger into her ass and knew that was the right thing to do.

She rode me for a while and she was so wet my cock was dripping with her juices she then lifted of and pushed the tip of my cock onto her ass just teasing I was so turned on I was trying to slip my 7” cock into her ass but she just kept it at her ass entrance not letting me penetrate her the horny bitch by now it was about 7 am and more people around she still didn’t care but I was feeling a bit nervous and had to call a stop to it before we upset anyone or the police arrived, I will keep you informed what happened on our next meeting