Written by LEADAGENT

19 Aug 2008

Having worked for an airline at heathrow for many years my marriage was at breaking point, what with the long shift hours, drinking after work and meeting and shagging many work collegues. My sex life was extremely busy, don\'t get me wrong I no male model, just that there are alot of women who want to play given half the chance. Stephanie was a young tall skinny Geordie girl,long legs,long blonde hair, and a very sexy smile, she attracted men like bee\'s to a honey pot. We got on like a house on fire and soon began an affair. She was very horny and had a high sex drive, was a naughty exhibitionist and always wanted to fuck. I would always try to push her boundries and she would always say \'Ask Me And I Might\' !!

Well we started to play at every chance we got...driving home at night on the M4 she would push the seat back, slip her shoes, stockings, knickers and skirt off and spread her legs wide on the dashboard and slowly play with her pussy, the truckers loved it and would draw level with us for miles watching her fingers slip in and out of her and she would put on a show ripping her blouse open and playing with her tits. We progressed to dogging in and around Reading always with her teasing groups of men gathered round the car, I couldn\'t get her to let them touch her but she would fuck herself with a vibrator and she loved to play with her cunt, licking her fingers and pulling her nipples, it would always end with me fucking her and me spunking on her face.

Things were hotting up and often during sex i would suggest scenarios where we were in a travelodge being watched fucking by another couple and us watching them...being out shopping with her braless and knickerless and exposing herself to men in all types of situations.....arranging to meet groups of men via the net at quiet carparks/ petrol station jet washes, where she would put on a sexy show, opening the car boot/bonnet and bending over in a short skirt with no knickers, wiping down the wet car getting her blouse wet and soaked and showing her tits and hard nipples... we tried all of these and she loved the excitement and her cunt was always dripping in antisipation of me fucking her.

All this had got her truly liberated about experiencing lots of kinky things and it all came together one night at a works do where i suggested that we ask one or maybe more blokes to cum play with us.....

part 2 tomorro.