Written by sisnake

3 Sep 2014

I FANCY .......

Showering and shaving getting dressed in some nice clothes after spraying with deodorant and aftershave.... getting in my car and driving to a bar somewhere to meet you who will be dressed to kill in stockings susses and lace or satin. We will have a couple of drinks to get to know each other and see if we click, all the time we will be looking into each others eyes and feeling the lust and electricity between us, while we talk about what we want and need from each other sexually and blatantly while the tension rises. Then we will leave the bar and head off to somewhere to get down to the nitty gritty.

We may find a quite spot in the car if we cant hold out for long enough to reach a motel room, i wont be messing around as i will slide my hand up your inner thigh past the tops of your stockings and as i do you will open your sexy long legs so i can cup your pussy in the gusset of your pants. by this time your breathing will have become heavy as i stroke and push the material into your wet cunt..... i will manipulate your lips apart through your panties and push the cloth deeper until i can feel your juices soaking through, warm damp and full of sexual aroma of womanhood.

By this time your nipples will have become like bullets tearing into your bra cups to get unleashed and your hands will be cupping your gorgeous titties and squeezing them hard in time with my four fingers which have now pushed around the side of your panties and are delving deeply into your wet slippery pussy massaging your womb and g spot and taking your closer to an explosive gushing orgasm, my thumb flicking your bullet like clit and then you explode squirting cum all over my hand and wrist like the filthy dirty thing that you have just become.......

If this is what you'd like then be in touch xx