Written by bill

9 Apr 2016

Thanks for the 10 comments on our post, after reading stories on this site we thought it might be to tame but obviously not.

We spoke about our adventure many times while having sex and agreed we would try again, my wife made it quite clear that she had to fancy the man and it may not necessarily go any further than last time, I agreed I didn't want to push things to quickly after all this time.

Although she was now very turned on with flashing knowing that it had a great effect on me, she started wearing slightly shorter dresses also suggested places to go, which was always my job. We went to see the new James Bond film it was very crowded and we sat in the middle with people around us, she had a man sitting next to her and after a while I noticed her dress was showing her stocking tops, this is to public but she said don't complain, she grabbed my hand and put it in her lap I was as hard as nails, she moved forward a little and I could feel her knickers I moved my fingers while we both stared at the screen without moving.

I wanted to finger her but to public, the film finished and we left, do you think he was watching she nodded, we walked back to the car and she lent against the door we kissed and I pulled her dress up to her waist and her knickers down to her knees, she unzipped me and we wanked each other off. When we got home we discussed our next move, where would we find someone, we looked through dating sites but we decided we enjoyed the experience of our first meeting and she felt safer with me there. I suggested we went back to the cinema and went on a quieter day, she dressed in a white blouse and button up skirt with black holdup stockings and white knickers we picked our time and film and set off.

We stopped at a pub for some Dutch courage and then settled near to a man sitting alone, we star kissing and I undid some buttons on her blouse and felt her through her white lacy bra, she said he was looking over I pulled the bra down and played with her nipples, she opened her skirt up to her stockings and the crutch of her knickers. I put my hand down the front and played with her clit till she was wet, we carried on till the film finished,we sat for a while and she had left her skirt open and looked at him and smiled.We stood up and made our way out she gestures to him to follow which he did to the car, we asked if he had enjoyed the show and would he like a run out in the car, we set off with her and him in the back, I adjusted the mirror for a good view,she told him it was ok with me and nothing to worry about and kissed him they quickly got at it her blouse was open and her hand was rubbing him through his jeans.

I pulled off into a car park out of sight, as I turned her skirt was completely open and his fingers were in her knickers, I wanted to wank but I held back, his clock was out and he moved her knickers over and entered her, I could hear the sound of sex and her groaning I new she was close, she whispered something and as he pulled out I could see him come over her legs and knickers, he finished her off with his fingers and I saw the look of joy on her face which made m e come.

We drove back to the cinema for his car and she wanked him off again on the journey. He wanted our phone number but we declined, we drove home and decided that finding new people was for us.