Written by Wayne

30 Nov 2015

2 days of the holiday left and I still hadn't got my wife fucked by another cock! That was until tonight when she seems to be getting some extra attention at a club we were at. 3 guys who I guessed were American had offered to buy us a drink as we were the only people in the club who they had heard speaking English.

They were called Tim, John, and Christian, all looked the same age about 30 and were quite athletic looking, which I knew the wife would like. Tim asked if it was ok to dance with the Mrs and I said go ahead as I knew she would like that and I carried on talking to the other guys.

A little after 10 minutes the wife returned and said she had been offered to go to another bar with Tim if I didn't mind. I told her to go ahead and have some "real" fun, with a cheeky little wink she left and we just carried on chatting between us for a while until the Yanks said that they too were moving to the same bar as Tim.

Not to be left out I asked them if I could join them for a drink and they said sure, come along. Downing my drink I caught them outside and made our way to the bar, I noticed my wife outside with Tim and she asked me what I was doing here, taking her to one side and told her I didn't want to miss out on seeing her get another cock tonight! Laughing she said maybe you already have, she certainly did have that look about her as a cat that got the cream but she then said she was only joking.

Anyway after another half a dozen rounds of drinks we decided to make our way back to our hotel when they asked if they could join us? The wife insisted that they do and after 20 minutes were in our room chatting. More drinks in hand Christian asked if we had been together long and that my wife was rather sexy.

Thanking him for his comments my wife joined him on the sofa and kissed him on the cheek, without any encouragement she kissed him on the lips and placed her hand on his crotch rubbing and massageing him roughly.

Looking over to me I told him that he better not disappoint her so he responded with rubbing her tits through her blouse and kissing her deeply. Tim asked if there was enough for them and joined her on the sofa removing her top and pulling off her skirt revealing a tiny white thong and white bra that was quickly thrown to the floor along with the wife as they took off their shirts and shorts and set to work on killing pulling and rubbing her to a frenzy.

I was now myself nude and with cock in hand watched them use her for their own pleasure, all having rampant hard cocks they pulled her legs apart as John entered her pussy riding her hard as the other two needed her tits and held her legs.

Having pumped her for a good 5 mins John moved away and held a leg as Tim took up his post thrusting his hard dick in as deep as he could hammering her pussy with violent gusto, she was really being used now as I noticed Christian had wet his finger and pushed it into her ass as he held her leg in the other hand.

My wife was panting and squealing with delight as Tim reached for her tits with a freehand and squeezed her roughly as he said he was coming and grunted a full load into her pussy!

Looking red and flushed Christian the took her rolling her over onto her elbows he placed his cock at her tight asshole and spat on his dick as he pushed into her dirty hole smashing her hard as he really went to town on her as Tim forced his cock in her mouth and told her to suck him dry which after a few minutes she did as he spent his load down her throat.

Christian was now getting faster with his thrust and sent a load into her ass grunting with his long stroke shooting a bucket load of cum into her which started to spill out with his withdrawal.

Having witnessed the best action I had ever seen with my wife I asked the guys to hold her down as I wanted to fuck her hard, she said that she had just about had enough and would make it up to me in the morning, not on you life I told her as the guys held her I forced my cock into her as hard as I could , pulling her legs up high I could get all my length in to her pussy and feeling my balls whack against her ass felt so good I felt as I could go on forever as my cock was as hard as rock. Being so hard I think it hurt her a little and she asked me to go slower and be more gentle.

Hearing this made me more eager to thrust harder and wanting to own her ass I had the guys turn her over and took her ass as hard as I could, smashing my cock into her until I felt the cum rise and pump deep into her hole!

Not to be outdone John was hard for another go and forced his hardening dick into her pussy as Tim fucked her mouth as I watched on with a evil glint in my eye as I watched my wife get used and abused by us all for another half an hour or so before the tourist left and I was there to explain what had happened and to apologise for letting things get out of hand, but to my surprise my wife said that she had totally enjoyed the experience, not that it was likely to happen again for a while, I' m not saying never!