Written by bill

7 Apr 2016

Like a lot of men I've always wanted to see my wife with another man, she had progressed to flashing her knickers when we out, which I found very exciting.

She got more daring as time passed by, not just a quick flash but left her legs apart a lot longer if she knew somebody was watching, I would whisper I bet he'd love to have a wank seeing your stocking tops and knickers dreaming of touching you, she would smile and agree winding me up. I suggested that when she was flashing that I could touch her while someone watches, she wasn't sure but in the right circumstances she would try.

I thought of a dogging park but knew this wasn't going to be for her, we decided on a park. And waited for a sunny day, we set off and found a spot we thought was ideal not to public, we settled down and had a couple of glasses of wine which always makes her Randy,I unbuttoned her dress a little so I could just see her white knickers and gave her a kiss. She seemed very responsive we kissed for a while and noticed that a man laying near us, she said she had seen him she kissed me and I put my hand on her knee and her legs parted I felt her through her knickers she got wet very quickly, she said she could see him and he'd moved a little closer , I moved her knickers over and put two fingers in she rubbed against my hand and I thought she was Cumming

After a time she wanted to leave, I was disappointed but didn't want to push my luck, we walked to the edge of the park and stopped at a pub with a garden , I got some wine and she said how excited she had been being watched, why did you stop she said had we carried on it might had gone to far. She told me the man at the park was sitting behind me, my erection came back immediately she looked down and said I know what you're thinking, show him your knickers again she did and he made know sign that he was staring, do you fancy him, she smiled would you give him a wank while I watch she nodded.

We had another glass he was still looking up her dress, we left and walked back to the car we stopped out side and kissed my hand went in her Knickers and she was still wet, are you sure about this he is just over there she nodded and I told her to get in the back seat, I called him over and said he could join her in the back but I would be watching from the front.

He claimed in and wasted no time he was kissing her and unbuttoning her dress his hand moved her Knickers over and started wanking her,I could here her breathing getting faster he unzipped himself and put her hand on it she moved up and down till I thought he would come immediately but he kept going. The site of my wife being fingered and wanking another man was to much and I came more than I could remember.

Seconds later he came over my wife's legs and knickers, it went quite we didn't know what to say, we tidied up and he gave us his phone number and left. We drove home in silence not believing what had happened, we had a drink and said we both enjoyed the experience, would you like to see him again, I I'll let you know if anyone is interested.