9 Mar 2017

I have been retired several years and live alone since my wife died about 6 years ago. She was ill for a long time before that so sex is not something I remember much about. That said I am still very interested and that's why I found myself on here. I only look at the pictures and read the stories nowadays though.

I had an accident a few months back and ended up in hospital for a few days. The staff were very nice especially one of the managers. She was responsible for allocating beds so was instrumental in getting me into a ward. We chatted and found that we lived only a couple of streets apart and as she knew I lived alone, she offered to come in one day and change my dressings and of course I accepted. I went home in an ambulance, well mini bus, and the next day she came in and changed the dressing. It was her day off and she was dressed in ordinary clothes. Well I was completely surprised as out of her drab, smock like uniform, she was really quite pretty, slim and curvy. She was about mid forties, long blonde hair, and I did notice a very nice pair of tits, and a lovely round arse.

She was lovely to talk to and I must admit that when she left I was sad to see her go. She said that she would call in in a few days to see how I was and I was like a teenager waiting for her to arrive. Three days later she arrived and I was well enough to make her a cup of tea. She checked the dressing and said it was fine. She was wearing a denim mini skirt, a chiffon blouse and and some nice shoes with heels and black tights (or so I thought).

Over the next few weeks she would call in and see me at least once a week and we became friends. When I got to know her she admitted that at first she called in because I was lonely, but then said that she enjoyed our chats because it was nice to talk to a man that wasn't just chatting her up. I admitted that I did find her very attractive and sexy and if I was younger then I would definitely be chatting her up. And I said I still like to look at attractive, sexy women.

She was surprised I was still interested and she asked if I had a girlfriend. I had to admit that I hadn't had any contact with a woman for about 10-12 years, if not longer. In fact I had not even seen any naked parts of a woman for that long let alone touched one.

She then asked me if I would like to touch her boobs. Of course I would. So she came and took my hand and placed it on her tit. I could feel her bra underneath but also the nipple which was very large. I asked if it was alright to put my hand inside her blouse and she lifted it so I could touch her bra. I put both hands on them and could feel my cock get hard for the first time in a long time. Without asking I pulled the front of her bra down so I could see them in the flesh. Her nipples were huge and very hard. I leaned forward to suck them and she held my head as I put my mouth around them and sucked and licked them for at least 5 minutes.

She then said that she would have to go but would be back in a couple of days. That was a very long two days and when she came in I kissed her on the cheek and she kissed me back on the corner of my mouth. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were really sticking out. I made her a cup of tea and we sat in the lounge talking. She was sat opposite me and I could see that she was wearing stockings, or actually holdups, as I could see the white flesh above them. She had on white lacy panties and I was drawn to looking at them. I told her that I had enjoyed touching her last time and she asked if I wanted to touch her again. I knelt in front of her and she just took off her top. They were magnificent. Full, firm with those huge nipples than must have been a half inch long and thick. I sucked on them and she laid back in the chair and I ended up between her legs. I could feel her heat on my stomach and after a couple of minutes I straightened up to see her panties pulled tightly into her lips. I put my hand down to touch her and she did not object. I managed to get my fingers inside her pants and then put a finger in her. She was quite wet and said that felt nice. My cock was as hard as I ever remember it being and was pushing out the front of my loose cotton trousers. I hadn't worn pants as I was hoping that I would get to touch her again and wanted it to be free.

I was hoping that she would touch me but she didn't but I did take off her panties and she let me lick her. I could feel her clit in my mouth and that was also very large. After a few minutes she said she had to go.

On her next visit I told her that after she had left I had to relieve myself and she was surprised and said I didn't know you could still cum. I started touching her and discovered that she was not wearing a bra or panties and did not object when I took my cock out. She was laid back in the chair again and I rubbed it against her fanny which was very wet. It just slipped in and I pushed hard to get it all the way in. I was so turned on that I only took about one minute to cum but I came more than I had for years.

I lay on her for a few minutes and then she said she had to use the toilet and then go.

She usually comes to see me about once a week and we have ended up naked in bed and she usually cums at least once when I am on top of her. She likes me to cum in her and has started going home without cleaning up.

I am a very fond of her and know that one day this will stop. But for an old man like me to have such a gorgeous lady allowing me to fuck her every week, it is something I could only dream about.