Written by ManchesterGuy

9 Jan 2012

Well at long last we met a guy and had the threesome that we both always wanted, but never quite had the balls to go ahead with.

My girlfriend, 36 years old, had previously had a drunken threesome when she was about 21 with her still good friend and her previous boyfriend.

The though hadnt really crossed my mind, watching another man fuck my girlfriend until i read stories in a lads mag whilst in work. Just the thought of another man touching her would have made me angry previously.

Anyways during a moment of drunken madness i suggested that we should have a threesome with her friend, she said no, she had done the MFF thing before, and that she would be up for a MMF, but she wouldnt be up for haveing full on sex with the guy, oral only.

I was quite shocked, but a little turned on by this, and though why the hell not, we have been going out now for 7 years, no children and our own place, so we were i no rush. The sad truth of the matter is, we were probably perceived as timewasters as we would arrang something and then back out at the last minute.

We spoke to a few guys on here, but everything seemed to be to organised, if this was going to happen it had to be a spare of the moment thing.

So, i contacted one of the guys who we had previously chatted do on SH, Alun, a nice guy who lived not too far away, and arranged for him to be in a bar in Manchester. So there we are in a bar, Jenny looking pretty fine with a short dress on, we had been to a few pubs and bars previously in the night and i wasnt quite sure wether or not to tell her that i had asked Alun to come to the bar, but sod it, as we are stood talking at the bar, pretty drunk now, Alun caught my attention. Come on over i said, and sounding quite surprised that he was there introduced him to Jenny. In all honestly we had arranged a number of previous meets, that she hardly remembered him.

Off to the toilet i went, leaving them talking, when i returned Alun had gone, my disappointment turned to excitement when Jen told me had gone to get a taxi, we were going home, all of us! wow i thought, the jurney back to our place, was quite a quiet one, but i couldnt keep my cock down, i was getting hard just thinking about what was about to happen.

We got into our place, i got 2 beers and a glass of wine, we sat talking about jobs etc etc, and i thought we were getting nowhere when jen swigged back her wine, stood up and proclaimed 'am off to bed, are you two coming' boing, i nearly cum there and then, Alun didnt need any further asking, he was in therefore before me.

In the bedroom lying dead centre in our bed was Jen, 5'8, size 12, curves in the right places, long dark hair, 34D tits and a lovely trim pussy, totally naked, andd already quite aroused. I took off my clothes and lay next to her, slowly sucking her nipples, she has a thing for having them sucked, Alun, slid next to her again naked and began kissing her other nipple, this was awesome, 2 guys sucking on my girlfriends nipples, i could hardly contain myself, i just wanted to fuck her brains out!!! I showed restraint, and slowly went down on her, she was so wet, gorgeous, i love oral, and i was licking away, i looked up at her, and she pulling Alun up by his arm, i could tell, she was after his cock in her mouth. Alun was a big guy, just over 6ft tall, and had a cock to match, he must habe been 8 inches and rather thick. Myself, i have a similar size so she knew have to handle it she was sucking away like no tomorrow, whilst i was licking, it was amazing, i could tell she was enjoying herself her hipps were rolling she couldnt keep her arse to the bed, and she came. She stopped sucking on Alun, and rolled over where she wanted me to fuck her from behind, Alun lay in front of her and she carried on sucking whilst i fucked her really hard from behind, this was her favourite position. Harder and harder she was shouting as i fucked her from behind, with every thrust Aluns cock going deep into her mouth. I came pretty quickly all over her arse, it was amazing. She rolled over and started sucking my cock, she loves sucking my cock jst after i have cum.

As she was sucking Alun was wanking on the bed, and i asked Jen if she was going to finish him off, she said yes, sit there and watch. What followed was me being treated to a fine expedition of raw fucking, my girlfriend was fucked from the bed to the floor, to bending over by the chest of drawers, everywhere she went at it like a cock craved slut. It was amazing to see, what seemed like 2 hours, was actually only about 40 minutes, but my god did they both have Stamina, Alun was a stayer ok, he eventualy came all over her tits, and she rubbed it in, and of course sucked him afterwards.

Afterwards, well Alun left, and we had sex again, i had heard that sex after swinging was amazing and it was. The following morning accompanied with a hangover we had a chat about what happened the night before, it was a little tense at first, but both agreed that we should try again in the future but not make a habbit of it. I am fine with that, once in a while will do it for me.