Written by Collie

15 Jan 2012

It all started last Autumn, just after the clocks changed...

Like many men I really wanted to watch my wife get fucked by another bloke and be able to watch them but again, like so many other men, I thought it would never happen.

I'd broached the subject many times, especially when Stacy was wanking and sucking my under average size cock and although she'd sometimes tease me by telling me what she would wear and what she would do with this other man thats all it ever remained, talk.

That was until I noticed that she was starting to get in much later from work a couple of nights with what appeared to be a " glow" about her and also she'd taken to just wanking my cock, no sucking and certainly no sex. When I had tried to make a move I was met with excuses but I decided not to push it but to find out if my suspicions were correct.

I work for a small Car Rental firm so Stacy never knows what car ill come home in so this particular evening when once again I'd been informed that she was going for a drink after work, a leaving do, so it may go on a bit she said, I got to her work and parked across the road so I could watch her leaving the building.

I saw her about 5.15 coming out of the front door and walk to her car alone. As it was dark I easliy pulled out behind her and followed feeling a bit nervous as to where she may go.

After a couple of miles she indicated to turn into a Premier Inn car park so I followed and parked in the farthest corner where I had a clear view of the entrance as I picked up my binoculars

She got out of the car carrying just her shoulder bag and stood outside of the reception and lit a cigarette.

A good five minutes passed and im starting to think that perhaps she was waiting for her friends to arrive for this leaving do when another car pulled in and she waved at the driver.

He got out, very smartly dressed in a dark suit, and walked over to her. Then I knew my suspicions were confirmed.

He immediately felt her bum over her skirt, pulled her towards him and kissed her. She responded by saying something in his ear and I could see a smile on her face as she turned

Then they were gone. I sat there for another 10 minutes or so feeling like shit and not knowing what my next move was going to be and then decided to go home and wait.

I'd drank 3 large gin and tonics by the time Stacy returned, about 10.30, and my game plan commenced.

I offered her a drink and asked how the evening had gone and wasnt really listening as she trotted out all this crap about what her friend Jane had said and who had been there etc, I just bided my time...

Eventually I plucked up the courage, even though I was shaking with fear, and enquired "So, this friend Jane of yours, does she always wear a grey suit and a tie to go out and then greet you by feeling your bum"!!!!

Stacey's reaction was not what I'd expected..I dont know what I'd expected but the following wasn't it....

I was met with complete silence for at least 30 seconds. She just stared at me with a serious face. Then her expression changed into a sneer type grin..

"So you followed me then? Mmm, but you're not quite as clever as you think. You see, when you saw Geoff [ Yes thats his name, he's our new Marketing Manager] feeling my bum he wasnt"

I must have looked shocked at this point as her grin became clearer

" He was in fact checking that I was wearing stockings and suspenders as he had requested. Well not so much of a request, more of an order" she quipped

I still obviously looked shocked and seeing my dicsomfort Stacey continued...

" And when you saw me whispering in his ear I was telling him that I always obey orders"

" Its a pity you couldnt have seen us in the lift on the way to our room, I was ordered to lift my skirt and show him what I was wearing, which of course I did. What do you have to say to that then" she snarled

Before I could even answer, Stacey had obviously quickly decided how this was going to pan out as she said " As I have been obeying orders all evening, you can now see how that feels, Get that pathetic little cock out but dont you dare touch it until I tell you and then crawl over here and kneel at my feet and I'll tell you everything that happened...... What do you think to that my little Cuckold wimp?"

As if I was in auto pilot I said nothing but did exactly what I was told and crawled slowly to kneel at my new Mistresses feet to wait

More to follow