Written by Collie

2 Feb 2012

The journey back from Leicester was very uneventful considering what had just happened. There was no inuendo's, no insults, no belittling of me which was making me very confused.

We got home and I carried the bags into the house

"Which of my purchases did you like the best then?" she suddenly asked as I walked into the lounge. I blurted something like that it didnt really matter to me cos I wasnt ever going to see her in any of them.

" Oh, I dont know " she replied, " Come up when I call you" and gathered up the bags and walked up stairs.

Completely confused now I stood for a moment trying to make sense of all this but after a minute or two went to the fridge and poured myself a glass of wine.

" Im going in the shower, bring me a glass of wine up and leave it in the bedroom" Stacey shouted from the landing.

I did as she'd requested and went back down to watch TV. About an hour passed and I heard her calling me. I climbed the stairs and knocked on the bedroom door as I still wasnt sure what was going on. Was this a big tease, a test, I didnt know...

"Come in with your eyes looking at the floor" I was told sternly

I did as I was told and just stood in the doorway not daring to look up. " What a good little wimpy cuck you've become" she said " And so quickly too"

"Would you like to see me in what you bought for me" she asked. I mumbled that that would be lovely but I didnt think that I'd bought them for my benefit.

" You didnt" she replied "but I want you to see me in them so lift your head up very slowly"

I did and the sight before me was something that I will never forget. She looked more stunning than I think I've ever seen her, it took my breath away.

Standing by the bed with one hand on the head board dressed in a white completely see through top, with absolutely nothing on underneath, a white leather mini skirt, the white fishnets and a pair of white stilletos. She had applied more make up than normal which added very much to the look, and I was sure that she'd even applied make up to her nipple area as they looked more pronounced than normal.

" Well" she said "I'm glad I kept this skirt and shoes from way back, Do you think this look will be slutty enough for Geoff" but before I could reply she handed me her phone and said " We'll soon know cos I want you to take some photo's of me and then I'll send them to him"

I found myself speechless just holding the phone as my gorgeous wife started to pose for what was going to be her lover's benefit.

I just entered into the spirit of things and clicked away as she moved from one pose to the next. It wasnt until she turned her back to me, looked over her shoulder and slowly pulled up the hem of her white mini that I realised that not only that they were the stockings and suspenders purchased earlier but that she wasnt wearing any knickers. She obviously read my thoughts and said " He did say slutty" and giggled like a schoolgirl.

Then she moved to the bed, lay flat on her back and parted her legs slightly, Christ, my cock was straining by now and I could feel the tell tale bulge appearing in my jeans.

" Aaah" she said " Is my little cuck boy getting excited? Is his little cock getting hard? Would he like to get it out and wank it? eh? Well he cant!! You can sit in the chair and watch me while I pleasure myself thinking about Geoffs big cock"

By now her fingers were working on her clit and pussy and she was soon in a world of her own thrashing about on the bed as she came very loudly & very quickly.

I just sat in the chair as ordered and watched. Very uncomfortable as my cock was really straining by now but I knew that I had to do as I was told.

Suddenly she said " Come here you worthless whimp, get your head down there" pointing at her slit " and lick up my juices"

I didnt need asking twice and dived in licking her clit, all around her pussy lips and even running my tounge right down to her little puckered ass. " Suck my clit, suck it you fucking cunt" she was shouting " suck it and swallow all my juice you fucking worthless piece of shit"

I was in heaven now, my tounge was working overtime " Now lick my pussy lips, stick your tongue in my cunt, oh yes, yes, yes, you fucking wimp, thats all your good for is wanking that pathetic cock of yours and licking me. Isnt it?, Isnt it?" She was shouting by now so I thought id better answer between mouthfuls of her spurts. Yes maam, i said, thankyou maam at every opportunity.

" Stop" she suddenly shouted and as I went to get up she turned over onto all fours and ordered me " Lick my ass, Lick it you fucking bastard stick your tongue in as far as you can get it".

I hadnt done this for ages, I didnt think that Stacey was that keen on it to be honest but then the last 24 hours had given me a lot of surprises. I licked all around her puckered hole, probed it inside as far as it would go, sucked and nibbled al between her legs and all over her ass cheeks all the time licking up her juices as she carried on squirting, I was really enjoying this sluttyness in her even if I was going to have to share her, it was a small price to pay I thought.

I could feel her getting tired after about an hour of this treatment and I most certainly was. She turned over again and offered me her tits to suck... " As you've been such a good boy" she said. I undid the top and started to feel them when she slapped my hand away " I said suck, not play with. If you want to play with something, get that tiny cock out and pull on that" she said. So I did... I lay there wanking myself off and sucking on Stacey's right breast while she lay there looking very uninterested and then I realised that she had picked up her phone from where id left it on the bed. Sensing that I was now watcing her she looked me straight in the eye and said "Im going to send these to Geoff now and see what he says about them. I'll just put "slutty enough" in the title box with a question mark"

At this point I couldnt hold back any longer, and id really tried, and my cock spurted a load of warm cum all over my stomach.

Seeing this Stacey put her hand down carefully making sure that it didnt come into contact with my cock, as she'd said earlier I'd been spoiled enough for one day, and scooped up as much of my cum as she could and then smeared it across my face.

"Eat it wimp" she said sternly " If you dont, Ill be the one taking photo's"

I licked it all from my face pushing it in my mouth with my fingers and when it was all gone my final humiliation was to be made to lick Staceys fingers until they were dry........

She told me after that she had received a reply from Geoff and he was very impressed and that he wanted her to be dressed identically on their next date. I questioned the fact that she could actually go out dressed like that when she just laughed in my face and said that she had no intention of going anywhere, her date with Geoff would be here at the house.......