Written by Collie

17 Feb 2012

Following on from my last post......

I got up early on the Friday as I couldnt sleep thinking about what I'd got myself and Stacey into. On one hand I was scared and on the other it was so auxilirating thinking about it I knew I had to go with the flow [ not that id got much choice by then anyway!]

I heard Stacey get up and go in the shower so I made a coffee and waited. She eventually came down dressed for work but I could see that this wasnt her normal work attire, the suit had been replaced with a very nice black designer dress that she'd bought a few months back to go to a lunch.

I guessed that she was wearing stockings but she saw me looking at her legs and just smirked as she slowly lifted the hem of the dress up to reveal black stocking tops & suspender belt but nothing else..

"I've told you, when I wear black, its without the knickers and you know why, dont you?" she asked, still smirking.

I didnt reply but just stood gazing longingly at her trimmed pussy knowing that tonight Geoff was going to be in there and not me....

" Now fuck off to work, Geoff will be here soon to pick me up and I dont want you to be here when he does. He already thinks you're a waste of space and cant satisfy me & you WILL meet him soon, but not yet. Oh, and by the way, he drives an automatic so im hoping

for a good fingering on the way to work! I'll send you a text and let you know, then you can wank over the thought"

I went off to work as I'd been told, not even a kiss goodbye, and waited anxiously for the text..... My hands were shaking as my phone beeped an hour later and I went off to the loo so that I could read it.

"Wow, what an enjoyable journey... I wasnt dissapointed.....Had his middle finger up to the knuckle most of the way in......And he made me lick it clean before I was allowed to leave the car...Mmmmmmm..Dont bother waiting up tonight, Ill find you if I need you, HIGHLY UNLIKELY !!!!"

My cock was straining but I wanted to save it for as long as I could. Ideally I wanted to wank off while being told all the details of her night and in a strange way was really looking forward to being totally humiliated. This wasnt just a fantasy now, this was a reality.....

The rest of the day was a blur and I eventually found myself at home with a glass of whiskey not being able to get the pair of them out of my mind. I kept looking at my watch thinking that they'll be at the hotel now or I wonder if they're in bed yet when my phone beeped again with a message.

This time it was a picture message, no words, just a picture. I glared in disbeleif at what i'd just received.

It was a picture of Stacey's hand, I could quite clearly make out her wedding and engagement rings and I knew that that had been deliberate just in case I had any doubt, and in it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen [ not that ive seen that many] and the ruler which she'd used on me the other night.

The difference was that the tip of this cock was quite clearly between the 8.5 & 9 inches mark.

I just looked at it for several moments imagining how much pleasure she was getting from just handling this monster let alone all the other stuff. I was still staring at it when my phone bleeped again.

Scrolling down I read " Just gonna be spanked now, 9 times..You'll pay for this, tiny cock"

I waited, no more messages..I had a few more drinks, no more contact and it was now getting late.

It got to 11.30 and I'm thinking where do I sleep but decided on the spare room but knew that sleep probably wasnt an option as my mind was in overdrive....

I lay there with my hard cock in my hand resisting the urge to wank, I just wanted my Stacey to come home and tell me everything...I looked at the clock, 12.30, still no sign and then I must have drifted off.

I awoke to the sound of the front door and glanced at the clock again. it said 2.10.

I just lay there listening and heard Stacey coming up the stairs but then to my surprise she came into the spare room and turned on the main light.

I shot up in bed trying to adjust my eyes to the light and then could see her clearly. She was still in the same clothes, even as far as the shoes, as I'd seen her in that morning but she was stepping out of the dress deliberately slowly..

" I hope you havent been wanking little boy" she laughed " I've got something to show you"

At that she revealed her braless tits and I could make out bite marks all over them.

" What do you think cuck, can you see the bite marks clearly enough or do you want a closer look"

Before I could answer she moved forward just dressed in stockings, shoes and suspenders and put her tits inches away from my face..

"I bet you'd like to know if I've got any more eh little dick" she said laughingly and at that whipped back the duvet to expose my hard cock. Still laughing she said" To think ive been putting up with this puny little cock for all this time" as she said this she gripped it firmly in her left hand as if she was mentally comparing it to the text picture and then let it go.

She climbed onto the bed facing away from me and with her bum in the air she said " Can you see my spank marks" I could quite clearly make out the red marks on each cheek but before I could reply she said " thats all because of your small cock remember it was one stroke for every half inch smaller, but as Geoff is SO much bigger he let me off with just 4 strokes tonight"

She was waggling her bum only inches from my face by now and I could clearly see more bite marks between her legs and around her bum.

"But the other 5 are going to be given to me next week, when he comes round here. And you are going to be made to watch..What do you think of that cuck boy? Is that geting your puny little cock hard, oh yes I can see it growing to its full Four and a bit inches" Another giggle.....

" Lick my cunt wimp" she said as she sat firmly on my face " And let me see you wank that little cock of yours while you taste Geoffs spunk all mixed up with my juices"

Two pulls was all I lasted......With what Stacey was saying and the strange but not unpleasant taste from her pussy I was unable to hold back any more and was trying to mumble my apologies but Stace was not interested. To make my humilation even more complete she laughed loudly saying that Geoff not only wanted me to watch her being spanked but he wanted me to watch her getting fucked not only in her cunt but also in her ass for the first time.

She knew that that was something that I'd asked her for many times over the years and it had always been declined but here was my gorgeous wife talking of letting some one else taking her anal virginity and obviously looking forward to it..

To be continued