Written by big T

3 Dec 2010

ive been trying to talk my wife into having another man fuck her when i,m there, but always get the same answer she does,nt mind the fantasy but would not do it for real even though she has said she would like to try it.we have been married for 40 years and neither of us has had sex with anyone else.i,m 63 and she 62.she is overweight and so am i. we have slowly ground to a halt sexually. but last week we were in eastbourne for the weekend.we met a couple just a little younger than ourselvesand although they were not particularly good looking she had a goddish figure and he made us laugh a lot.we had quite a few drinks in the evening and the chat got around to our lack of sex drive.he said you should try sex with someone else to put some fizz back into your lives, i enjoyed the chat but my wife went quiet, then the woman i wont even mention names.asked my wife if she had sex with anyone else before we got married, she sain not full sex but had wanked one guy off which came as a surprise to me.the guy asked if that upset me or turned me on, i said i dont know really as its a surprise.he then asked if my wife would do it again,if she liked the man and would i mind if it happened.i thought about it and said ive tried to talk her into it for ages but she would,nt.his wife said that they did it regularly and their sex life is fantatic because of it.i was getting turned on by the talk now and asked my wife in front of them if she would wank him off,she was startled and a bit flustered but then said ok if i wanted to try , but she would only wank him.i said i,d love to watch ans so after a few more drinks we went to our room with them. his wife undid his trousers and got his cock outwhich was very hard and asked my wife to hold it which she did slowly starting to rub him off.i was so hot by now his wife asked if i needed help with my own erection.i could,nt get my cock out fast enough. we sat side by side my wife wanking the man and his wife wanking me` kissed my wife and put my hand between her legs which she let me do.i rubbed her clit and she got very hot, then out of the blue the guy put his hand there too. it was too much for me and i came almost imediatelyover his wifes hands,i sat back and watched another man finger my wife, then he asked her if he could fuck her and she said as we are doing this anyway yes he can. i was in heavenshe lay back and he mounted her and i had to get closer too watch everythinit was great watching his cock sink into her and her reaction was great.the mans wife asked if i wanted to fuk her . i jumped at it and soon all 4 of us where fucking, my wife and i watched each other have sex with someone else and it was fantastic, but she has told me since it wont happen again as she is afraid we may drift apart because of it. i told her ok as we had done it now and i,m satisfied but i would do it again given the chance.