3 May 2016

For the past couple of years I have enjoyed Bi fun with different guys, it all started when I was in a local public toilet (now gone) when I went in there was a guy stood at the urinal he looked my way as I walked in, I was stood 2 urinals away from him where I was enjoying my piss I did notice him looking at me and I could see him slowly stroking his cock.

Watching him I felt my cock start to get hard, I thought this is not happening after all I was a straight guy and never had any bi/gay feelings before.

I left before anything could happen, I could not get the picture of this guy stroking what seemed like a big cock out of mind and strangely every time I thought about it my cock became hard.

About two weeks later I had taken the day off work and decided to go back to the toilets this time when I entered I was a bit disappointed as I was the only one there, I stood at the urinal when shortly after a guy came in (not the one I first see) and he stood next to me I started to panic a little bit as I was unsure what to do, the guy next to me looked over and smiled which eased my concerns I again noticed him stroking his cock which had the same affect as last time and my cock started to get hard.

I very slowly started to copy the guy next to me and stroked my already hard cock which the guy smiled again and he turned to face me and held his hand out not sure what to do I just carried on stroking my cock he then reached over and placed his hand on my cock O my god what a feeling I had never felt so turned on and in no time I was shooting cum all over the urinal and some on his hand.

I almost ran out of the toilet got in my car and drove home luckily the wife was out I just sat as if in trance just thinking what had happened, the feeling of disgust along with a strange feeling of liking what had just happened.

I returned to the toilets quite a few times and met guys and gradually got braver and braver from wanking guys to being sucked off by them and eventually taking the first cock in my mouth.

Events took a dramatic turn one day when I met a guy in the toilets I expected the usual wanking or oral, this guy was different though he asked me to come to his house so we could relax more.

I was hesitant at first but after a bit more persuading I agreed, he gave me the address which was not to far away so off I drove I parked a little way from his house and nearly backed out.

He was already there when I arrived, we sat in his living room just talking about nothing really he must have sensed my nervousness because he came and sat next to me on the sofa I nearly died when he put his arm around me and pulled me towards him and started to kiss me his tounge parting my lips and then his tounge was in my mouth and to my surprise I was actually enjoying all this attention.

He suggested we move upstairs and led me into his bedroom, we spent ages kissing and him sucking me he must have known when I was going to cum as he would stop just in time.

He then suggested that I would like to fuck him not to sure about this and he could see this in my expression, but then my cock was making the decisions so I thought why not.

He produced a packet of condoms and lube, he put the condom on me and lube him self and my cock, he got on his hand and knees and told me to enter him slowly, fuck what a feeling he was very tight and after he got used to my cock I could really fuck him and I came after only a few strokes.

I pulled out and he removed my condom and rubbed all my cum over his cock and balls and wanked him self till he spunked all over his lower body, I have never seen so much spunk.

I did meet him again and still do, also I have met quite a few guys now over the last couple of years but I have always been the top guy and I have wondered what it would be like to be the bottom guy and loose my anal cherry.

I put a ad on SH seeking a tops guy just to see if I would enjoy it as much as I do giving and oral.

It took a couple of times advertising when I got a message from a local guy who said he was free most days and would be only to please to take my cherry.

We made the arrangements to meet at my house (the wife works in the day} he arrived at the arranged time, we sat talking about some of the guys we have met and things we have done.

He said well no time like the present and pulled me towards him and we kissed for what seemed ages, we both removed our jeans and tee shirts and I could see his cock for the first time not overly big but big enough to make me think this may not be such a good idea.

We played with each other and pre-cum was leaking from both our cocks when he sais are you ready.

I gave him the packet of condoms and some lube, he surprised me when he produced a small brown bottle and said to take a sniff as it would relax me.

Bloody hell my head was up in the clouds I was laying on my back when he lifted my legs up and I felt the cold lube being applied to the inside of my arse then the feel of some thing very hard being pushed against my virgin hole, after another sniff from the brown bottle he slowly pushed all the way in.

The pain to start with was horrific I thought fuck this I will stay at being the tops guy, but after he had let me get used to his cock he started to fuck me slowly at first then when I was happy he really fucked me until I could feel him filling the condom.

When he with drew he sucked me until I filled his mouth with all my spunk we both dressed and made arrangements to meet again.

Since then I have met him and some other guys, some times I am the tops and some times I am the bottom.

I am now looking to meet a guy who can help me fulfil another desire that is to be spanked by an older guy.

Well I hope I have not bored you guys and please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes