Written by lollipop2014

10 Jan 2014

During our very poor Spring , I was caught by the police again and my case must have happened on a slow news day because it got well reported in the local rags .Some people now cut me dead , others made all sorts of offers , some of which I took up . amazing what some wives won't let their husbands do!

Anyway , it was time to review my life style .What were the plusses ? Well David and Brian were ,the three lads were and so was standing around in poorly lit streets wearing hardly anything and not knowing who was going to stop and want me .On the minus side was that most of the clients were boring . I didn't mind the odd black eye or not being given the money , but protected fucks and blow jobs become such a bore ,The protection was another thing .I had to have a pocket of condoms , which the police used as evidence .

So what to do? I decided to retire .Amazingly old clients would solicit me in Walsall and if I had the time I would accept, so I took to always wearing very little in town .

David had come on a lot .He knew he had power over me and that gave him a lot of confidence .He knew he to pace himself and how to make me come and he would build up to a big climax .In all ways he had become a fantastic shag ! His love of porn had made him fixated on my arse , which was now open all the time .It was so loose that I farted a lot when being fucked , but David loved it . Anyone viewing us would have a fit . Me on the floor with a pillow under my hips, David banging away at me ,whilst I had a chat about shopping with Brian ."Saw some lovely shoes this afternoon I think...Oh my goodness I'm coming .......They are a lovely blue colour....Come on David give it to me hard .. harder ....I'm coming again......Cum with me David there's a love ...Oh yes .. . ...parp ,sorry, parp so sorry yes ..yes ..your filling me you darling boy." Then a lot later . "I thought they would look nice with my white dress .

For special treats , I slept with David .When I say sleep I mean I spent the night in his bed no sleep for me , his stamina was amazing , but he divided his time between my arse and cunt. Sadly he was not totally continent and usually I was too tired to get up , not that he ever really let go of me.

Brian too had developed , I knew he hated his wife for walking out and I didn't have to be a shrink to know that what he did to me , he was doing to his ex wife in his mind .Therefore it came as no surprise when he told me to put my open mouth round his arse and then lick him . He said it was an accident the first time, but I said I didn't have a problem with it. After that it become a regular event after I gave him oral .

He wouldn't let me rush off , but kept cuddling my breasts and kissing my neck .The cloakroom had a whole range of mouth washes so I soon freshened up .

The boys had got themselves girlfriends ,but they always gave me a big hug if I saw them in town and there was still the odd visit to their flat .

For the thrill of the unknown I bought a car and took to driving to a lay by and a lorry park where there were mobile food vans . I looked smart ,but showed a lot of leg and cleavage and I was very popular and still am . It is lovely to wander into the gents loo sit down with the door open and try and guess who will be first Sometimes I will spend a night in a cab .The early start can be a shock .One summer night I stayed over with a driver known as Desperate Dan He had the biggest feet I had ever seen He said they were size fourteen I asked him if he was built in proportion . "No I am not" Her said "If I were they would be size sixteen!" I had to try that.

We retired to his cab and I thought the cab was coming off the lorry. We were swaying from side to side as he drove into me .He saw me as a challenge and tried to give me more than I could take and I was determined to take all he could give .We fought a wonderful draw . As we lay there panting we could hear clapping and cheering outside .

Much later , as I thought I got up for a pee , just slipping my heels on . I climbed down to see all the lads standing around having a smoke ." Don't mind us ." So I didn't , just crouched down and peed felt a bit ashamed as I saw my puddle getting bigger and bigger ."A lady can get away with anything" I said as I wiped myself with my hand . Rather wished I hadn't done that as I now had cum on my hand .Anyway I went to climb back in with as much dignity as I could muster . when my bloody arse let me down . PARP. There were hoots of laughter and I fled back to the waiting Dan .

That brings us up to date really I think I have about ten more years of this and that will be fine .