Written by Dave

5 Feb 2007

The other night I took Jane out to a night-club some 10 miles or so from where we live. We both showered and Jane asked me what she should wear. I chose her white underwear, that is a a white satin cami top, matching satin french knickers and waist slip, no bra but a pair of white seamed stockings held up by a red suspender belt. (It may not match but it looks an incredibly sexy combination). She then had a thin top and a calf length skirt on, with quite high heeled black shoes.

As soon as we got on the motorway, I raised her skirt just enough so her suspenders and stocking tops were showing. I got her to shut her eyes. As we passed each lorry, I slowed down so they could have a good look. I then raised her skirt a bit more so that the suspender straps were completely showing as was the v of her knickers. All the time her eyes were shut, so she could just sense that as we slowed down she was on view to some lorry driver.

When we got to the club she was pretty horny and had quite a damp patch in the middle of her knickers.We went into the club seperately and in no time at all I saw her dancing closely with a very tall black man of around 28. They has several dances and I could see his hands roaming everywhere, especially down her thigh, obviously feeling her suspenders. They then went off for a while and upon her return she sat down with me. Nothing was said about what happened until we got home.

We went straight to the bedroom where she slipped off her blouse and skirt.. She told me that as she had danced with Alex, he had asked her straight out if he could fuck her. She'd replied that there was no chance of that but she would wank him off if he wanted to settle for that. So they had gone out to the toilets, where she had got this apparently very large long black cock out from his white boxers. She then took off her satin french knickers and wrapped them around his cock. She lifted her slip and opened her legs where he finger fucked her like crazy. She wanked his cock hard and within only about 15 seconds she said she felt his cock throb and he came and came into her pants. She said she's never known a cock to keep shooting so long.

She then gave him a kiss, pulled her panties back on and that's when she came out to me again.

As she told me this I slid my hand up her slip and her panties were absolutely soaking wet still from her juices and Alex's spunk. I then pulled them aside and shoved my cock straight in. I think I lasted no longer than Alex as a mixture of feeling her satin slip, panties and a black man's spunk in the entrance to her cunt was just too much for me.