Written by Ric

26 Oct 2007

I have recently left university and started work in London. I rent a roome in a house with two girls and a guy who are in similar circumstances. The people in the house were all strangers until 6 weeks ago.

Starting work means I have less time to do things and I am away from my friends all week. It sounds pathetic but I have started a porn collection and have got into the habit of masturbating furiously when I get home from work.

On Monday of this week I went home at lunch time (I attend college on Monday afternoons). When I got home I raced in (planning a quick wank) to find Lianne (one of my new house mates) kneeling in my room flicking through my newly acquired porn collection.

Talk about mixed emotions, shock she's found my porn, shit she thinks I'm a sad fucker who wanks over this, rage what's she doing in my room, get out I was going to wank! Lianne was mortified to be fair and kept saying she was sorry and she had no right. To make me feel better she said se liked the magazines - she said the pictures were horny. She said that she like porn and frequently used it to masturbate.

My heart was still racing, my mouth was dry and I felt sick but we had a long discussion about masturbating and the role it played in our lives regardless of relationships. I told Lianne about my daily ritual, home from work, off with the work clothes and the long wanking session. I even told her how I spent my weekends mutually masturbating with my girlfriend - we rarely penetrate.

Lianne told me her sex life was rubbish (was thinking of ditching her man) and confessed that she masturbated before she went to sleep at night - she said it relaxes her. She said she had bought some sex toys but hadn't really used them.

Needlesstosay I missed college on Monday

I took up an offer from Lianne to masturbate in front of her. She sat fully clothed on the washing basket in the corner of my room while took my suit trousers off lowered my boxer shorts and played with my cock. This was the first time I have masturbated infront of a stranger - and someone who was just watching. I felt the need to be restrained so no fast strokes just a restrained rythem that relly turned me on - until I came when i suddenly felt embarrassed all over again. Fortunately when I'd finished Lianne stayed and we talked more about masturbation. She said that she'd watch me anytime if it turned me on.

Last night when I got home from work Thursday - Lianne asked if I wanted any help? Heart beating I said yes. Once again she sat in the corner and I wanked off sitting on the bed. She loked turned on - she was flushed around her neck. We talked about masturbating for ages afterwards. I'm hopeful that she will maturbate infront of me but there are no signs yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed.