Written by ric

30 Oct 2007

I posted my experiences last week with my new housemate but I am pleased to say that thigs have moved on to a whole new level.

I went away at the weekend to see my girlfriend - we spend many an hour masturbating together we love watching and assiting each other we rarely have penetrative sex preferring to make each other come by rubbing our genetals.

On Sunday afternoon I caught the train back to London - a story in itself and got home at about 7:30. To be fair I'd thought about Lianne all weekend and coldn't wait to see her - or wank off in front of her.

Unfortunately when I got home she was no where to be seen. She eventually came in just after 9:00 - I could hear her talking downstairs but I couldn't think of an excuse to go back down stairs and I wasn't at all sure who was there. I needn't have worried though. At about 9:30 there was a tap on my door - I opened it to finf Lianne standing there looking a bit flushed - she said Hi - I said do you want to come in. We talked openly and both admitted how much we'd thought about each other all weekend. Lianne asked how things had gone with Louise - I said fine but I'd be distracted thinking about her. She asked if I'd her abot our experiences - I said no - but I had been tempted but was unsure how Louise would react.

Lianne had gone over to my draw and had taken out some of the 'hardcore porn' I'd started collecting - she sat on the bed and started flicking through the pages with me - she asked me which pictures I liked, she asked me what turned me on... then she looked me in the eye and said 'would you like to give me a good fucking'. What could I say - I don't really do fucking but within seconds we were both naked and Lianne was on all fours on my bed and I was licking her pussy and her arse furiously - I wanted to wank my cock but knew if I touched it I'd come immediately. It not romantic but I stood up after a few seconds - and my cock was just so hard I slid it into Lianne's pussy and we fucked - my cock had never been so hard and I just fucked for all I was worth - feeling that I was going to black out at any moment. I could see lianne's face was contorted in the mirror and her small tits were bouncing about as I slammed into her. I couldn't believe how long I lasted but eventually I came - emptying everything I had into her. I was exhausted and wiped out but Lianne was only just beginning - she lay on her back and announced she was going to make herself come. I watched as she used two hand and furiously (and very roughly) played with the entrance to her pussy and her clit. Wow she was going for it and sure enough she shuddered and came within a few minutes. There was a pause for a few seconds until she sat up and kissed me.

We spent the rest of the night pleasuring each other and we fucked 3 more times - I'm not sure where this is going but Lianne is very passionate and she has expanded my sexual horizons hugely from being a sad wanker to someone who knows what to do with his cock. She is also someone that I can truly talk to and express my fears and concerns... god knows what will happen when she gets home tonight.