Written by Mature Student

24 May 2015

I'm a mature student (very mature some would say at the age of 44) and am in the process of writing my dissertation which means spending a lot of time in the university library. The library itself can often be a wonderful place and the other day was no exception.

With finals coming up it is open 24/7 and the other night I was sat there typing away when a gorgeous girl cam and sat at a computer near me. I though nothing of it at first but gave her a smile as she settled down. As the evening wore on the library started to empty, in fact in the line of view from where I was sitting there were only the two of us. Still I carried on working. At one point I needed the loo, so left all my stuff and trotted off. I returned soon after to find the mystery girl had gone, but had left her stuff (a toilet visit as well I thought). As I sat down I noticed a note on one of my books asking me to meet in a certain aisle. I looked round and saw nobody, so thought what the hell. I went to find the aisle and sure enough there she was. She beckoned me to her, not saying a word, grabbed hold of me and kissed me. I didn't know what to do other than just go with the flow. She soon had her hand fishing inside my shorts and found my ever hardening cock. I in turn slipped my hand inside her leggings to find an exceptionally wet shaved pussy. By now she had my cock out and was soon on her knees taking me in her mouth, I knew I wasn't going to last long and indicated this to her. With this she speeded up her rhythm and soon I was shooting load after load in her mouth, all of which she swallowed. She stood up, readjusted herself, told me to wait a couple of minutes, then left.

When I got back to my computer all her stuff had gone, but there was another note, telling me she would be back there on Wednesday night.

Guess I'll be going to the library again on Wednesday.