Written by dave

29 Jan 2008

I apologise if this story is really tame but it does have the benefit of the truth rather than a vivid imagination. Jane and I had been out for a meal and she was wearing some lovely underwear. Under her black skirt she a pair of white satin french knickers, grey seamed Dior stockings, a white satin slip and a white vintage suspender belt with the metal suspender clips.

After leaving the restaurant I'd slid her skirt up so her stocking tops were showing and several lorry drivers and a black bus driver had a good look in.

We had to get petrol so as I drew up to the pump, she slid her dresss down as it was completely lit up. I pulled it back up until her panties were showing and told her to leave it there.

When I went into pay, there was a bit of a queue and this guy on a motor cycle was just going out. He walked straight past the car window and had a look in. He practically stopped in his tracks. Then he came back into the shop, glanced around the papers and went out again walking slowly past our car.

All the way back home with Jane's skirt still up I had a raging hard on thinking about the motorcyclist.

Many times we have let lorry drivers etc, have a flash as we go by but never such a close up view as this.