Written by dave

9 Apr 2008

Incredibly tame story by comparison to so many wild adventures on here but at least it's true.

Last year we were invited to a friends wedding. My girlfriend wore her denim skirt which has a small the side. She doesn't have any tights so she had to wear stockings, which were a sort of tan colour.

Afetr the wedding, we were sitting at the reception in a small circle of me, the groom and 2 other male guests.

As my girlfriend sat down, the skirt rode up just a fraction and the flap of the split came down. She smoothed it straight but I along with the others couldn't help but catch a glimpse of her stocking top as she did it. This happened a couple more times and on one occasion, we actually saw her black suspenders

It was at this time I noticed the groom had started to get an erection in his trousers.

When she got up to go to the loo, we got an even better flash of her suspenders long with the vee of her black panties.

At this point the groom was noticably stiff and I saw that one of the other guys had also got an erection. They had both been trying to talk and look at her and not down at her skirt.

What made this all the more erotic for me was that this was all done in total innocence. She ha not dressed to flash and indeed she was completely unaware she was doing it.

When we got home we made a beeline for the bedroom and I was so horny I came very quickly. I had been imagining that the groom was thinking about my girlfriend as he was fuckking his bride that night and it gave me the stiffest erection I think I've ever had.