Written by Andrea

22 Aug 2008

Hello to all.

My name is Andrea. I\'m 42 years old, curvy (and more than a little overweight, too, these days!), with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses, which some of my lovers have said gives the impression that butter wouldn\'t melt in my mouth! My prize assets are my 38F boobs and my big, round bum, which never fails to give the blokes a proper stonker.

I\'m usually feeling in the mood for some nice sexy fun, and reading the experiences and encounters described on these pages soon gets my knickers sopping and my love button thumping and craving attention. I must say that the veracity of some of these tales is questionable, but others are obviously genuine - and it the truthful experiences that really turn me on.

I\'ve had a few really rude and sexy experiences in my time, but the ones I want to tell you about today date from my time at university in the 1990s.

I was 28 when I returned to higher education. I had planned to read for a degree when I left school, but had been seduced at eighteen, fell head-over-heels in love and promptly joined the pudding club, courtesy of a bloke who shagged my brains out, but who soon turned out to be a nasty piece of work, to put it mildly.

So, divorced, and with a young daughter, things were quite a struggle. It was all work and no play (and definitely no shagging, unfortunately, but I made do with a very realistic squirting vibrator that my sister bought me at a sex toys party!).

A relative passed on and I came into some money. It wasn\'t a fortune or anything, but it allowed me to finally achieve my ambition of resuming my studies. I applied and was accepted and eagerly threw myself into both my studies and my new-found social circle.

It was good to have a social life again, and I began to let my hair down at the weekly student discotheque. I\'d get dolled up in my little black dress, stockings and high heels and dab on my favourite perfume. It was lovely to feel glamourous and sexy again. I loved dancing with the 18 to 21 year-old students who were the bulk of the males at the discos, and feeling their stiff willies pressing against me as we smooched away. I\'d have to have a good session with my vibrator when i got home, I can tell you!

One night, I was dancing with a shy lad called Eddie, a mature student of 29. He was lovely lad, very bright, but very shy and awkward with the opposite sex. He\'d had a few drinks and even then found his inhibitions hard to shed as I pulled him to his feet for a dance. His little willy had gone hard, and was prodding me in my tummy as we danced. I told him it felt lovely, and he just didn\'t know where to put himself. I whispered to him that we should go back to his room, and he nearly fainted.

We were soon walking hand in hand to the halls of residence. I asked him about his previous girlfriends, and he began to bluster. My suspicions were correct! He was still a virgin at nearly thirty. The poor love must have been so frustrated and in my tipsy, randy state, I wanted nothing more than to solve his problem, and pop his cherry.

We got back to his little student bedsit, and I told him not to worry, just to relax and let me take care of everything. He was really nervous, the poor love, his hands were trembling. I told him to strip off. His face was beetroot, but he hesitantly complied. Soon, he was down to his socks and underpants (Mum must have bought them, they were white Y-fronts!), and sat trebling on the end of his bed. His little willy had wilted with his nerves.

I reached behind my back and slowly unzipped my black dress. I shuffled out of it and it fell to the floor. I stood before Eddie with my hands on my hips, revelling in showing off my figure and underwear to this shy frustrated virgin. I was wearing a white bra and lacy white knickers with a deep-fronted white suspender-belt, black stockings and my black court shoes.

His reaction was comical. His eyes popped out on stalks, his mouth fell open and a bump promptly appeared in his Y-fronts. I giggled and asked him if he liked my sexy underwear. He could hardly get his words out, his mouth had gone so dry. I told him to lie down and let me see to his needs.

Eddie lay back, trembling, on his bedspread, and I gently pulled down his Y-fronts. He lifted his bum so I could get them down. His willy was as stiff as a poker, about four inches long. His bollocks were big, and doubtless full of spunk. I put my hand out, peeled back his foreskin to reveal his throbbing purple knob, and gently began to wank his stonker. Ten seconds later, Eddie groaned, and promptly climaxed. The first jet of spunk shot about five feet in the air, and was followed by another six or seven jets, until his flow petered out.

I had intended to wank him off so he didn\'t come to quickly when I popped his cherry, but I had no idea that he would squirt so quickly. I told him how beautiful it was to see him shooting (the sight of squirting spunk has always fascinated me)and that when he\'d recovered, we would try something else. Eddie lay there, dazed and in ecstasy.

As he recovered, I undid my bra and my big bulbous boobs popped out, my erect nipples looking like a pair of thimbles. Eddie groaned at the sight. I told him to feel free, to have a good feel. His trembing hands cupped my boobs and stroked my stiff nipples, making me groan with pleasure. My fanny was now ready for love making, sopping wet and with my love button beating insistently.

Even though he had had such a powerful come, his willy stayed stiff throughout and stiffened even further as he played with my boobs and felt my growing arousal.

I told him that the time had come for him to pop that cherry and lay before him on the bed. I told him to pull my knickers down. He reached down and I lifted my bum to help him deknicker me. He grasped my knicker elastic and slowly pulled my knickers down to my ankles. I manouevred my way out of one leg hole and left them hanging around one ankle.

Eddie\'s eyes were out on stalks as he took in the sight of my blonde fanny. He told me later that, other than a glimpse of his Mum\'s fanny, mine was the first he had ever seen.

I opened my legs and reached down to his throbbing willy. He clambered between my legs as I guided him into my love tube. We both moaned with joy - me at my first stiff willy in three years and Eddie at his very first feel of a woman\'s love tube. He began to bonk. Soon his bum was going up and down like the clappers and the bedsprings were squeaking with that lovely sexy rhythym.

I promptly climaxed, moaning and whimpering and my throes of passion set Eddie off. He groaned and roared with pleasure as his spunk squirted into my oven.

We both fell asleep, zonked out by the booze and the wonderful sex.

When we awoke that morning, I introduced him to the pleasures of oral sex and the doggy position, which is my favourite, as it makes small willies feel bigger and gives me the thrill of having my huge bum stuck up in the air, which really pleases my very submissive nature.

Eddie shagged me from behind four times before I went home, my fanny happy and my tummy full of spunk. He really loved the sight of my suspenders framing my big fat bum, which really drove him wild. (He\'s not alone in that, all my other lovers have, too!)

Eddie and I were secret lovers for the remainder of that academic year, and his love making skills improved dramatically, with a little help from yours truly.

Our sexy, secret affair ended when he returned to London after his studies ended that next summer, but, having been reintroduced to the wonders of unhibited love making, I had several very exciting amorous adventures with other randy students, which I will recount at a later date.

I would love to know if this experience has given anybody a stiff willy or a wet fanny. Please leave a comment if it has!

Andrea H xxxx